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Cabinet Painting Services

CertaPro Painters of Eastern Monmouth County are familiar with the unique architecture of the homes in Eastern Monmouth County and respect the craftsmanship of the homes. Our painters are skilled at painting and refinishing fine details, trims, and moldings on kitchen cabinets. We take our time to ensure a professional touch.

Cabinet renovations are probably one of the biggest changes you could do to a space that can make or break the aesthetic of a room. If you’re looking to modernize your kitchen by repainting those 1970s cabinets with a bright white, grey, or vibrant color, turn to CertaPro Painters® of Eastern Monmouth County. Our painting company is not limited to one space when it comes to cabinet painting.

Kitchen Cabinet Painters Eastern Monmouth New Jersey

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Cabinet Refinishing

Cabinet refinishing to existing cabinets can be a cost-effective solution to upgrade kitchen and bathrooms. Wood-based cabinets can be susceptible to ‘wood rot’ or warping due to old peeling paint. Let our interior painters refinish your cabinets to prevent the decaying wood process of your home cabinets. Our experienced interior painters are skilled with home cabinet refinishing, staining, and painting different types of cabinets.

cabinet painters Eastern Monmouth New Jersey

Cabinet Refinishing Process

If you’re tired of the way your kitchen cabinets look, you don’t have to pay to have a new kitchen installed. You can save money and give your kitchen a facelift by having your cabinets refinished. This project requires a lot of work and craftsmanship, so it’s best to hire experienced professionals from CertaPro Painters®. With us, you can rest assured that the job will be done with skill and precision.

There are several options for cabinet refinishing. They can be painted in place, removed, and sprayed in a garage. They can also be taken off-site for a more controlled refinishing. The time it takes to refinish cabinets will depend on how many you have. Typically, it takes anywhere between a couple of days to one week. You won’t be able to use your kitchen during this time, as the area is protected.

When refinishing is complete, you will most likely need to paint the transition areas. It’s important to have the job done by professionals because they know exactly how to remove and replace hardware. Kitchen cabinets are almost always factory finished. Our CertaPro Painters® team knows how to create the right adhesion for the paint.

Doors & Hardware Are Removed

We carefully remove doors and hardware from all cabinets. You will have an opportunity to update the hardware on a project like this to match the new look.

Surfaces are Sanded & Prepped

Surfaces are sanded, some parts by hand and others with power equipment to prep the surface for new paint.

Paint is Applied to Doors

Painting often includes primer steps to help keep the finish durable.

Paint is Applied to Mounted Cabinets

We then work our way around the hung cabinets, while still on the wall. This is usually done with hand rollers or brushes.

Reassemble Cabinets

After the paint has had time to dry and cure, the cabinets and hardware are put back together for a beautiful final product with a brand new look.

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Our skilled craftsmen can help you fix your home or commercial building with high-quality repair and painting.

Cabinet Painting Project Completed

See below for our cabinet painting project that our team completed in the Eastern Monmouth County service areas. Click any of the images below to zoom in.

White Painted Cabinets

White Painted Cabinets

This kitchen's bottom cabinets were updated with a fresh new white coat of paint.

Spring Lake Cabinets

Spring Lake Cabinets

Updated cabinets in this beautiful, sizeable kitchen.

Cabinet Update

Cabinet Update

These kitchen cabinets around the refridgerator were updated.

Kitchen Update

Kitchen Update

When you decide to update your kitchen, you can easily create a more inviting space.

Wainscoting and Shelves

Wainscoting and Shelves

Our team can also repaint your wainscoting and attached shelves.

Full Cabinet Renovation

Full Cabinet Renovation

Our team updated this kitchen with new white cabinets.