09 May 2022

CertaPro Painters Featured in May Issue of Everything Knoxville Magazine

  In the May issue of Everything Knoxville Magazine, CertaPro Painters of East Tennessee was featured in an article that interviewed Devin & Ben, President and Vice President of the franchise. In the article, they discussed their backgrounds in the painting industry, what led them to start their own business, and what sets CertaPro apartRead the full article

05 January 2022

Wood Rot Repair in Eastern Tennessee

Wood Rot Repair in Eastern Tennessee Wood rot forms when moisture remains in contact with untreated wooden surfaces. Over time the wood will break down and lose its structural integrity. It is important repair and replace areas with rotting wood to prevent the rot from spreading and causing more damage to the home. Part ofRead the full article

08 December 2021

Living Room Paint Color Ideas

The living room is often one of the most used rooms in the home. Its a place for family and friends to gather. Choosing a color for the living room can become overwhelming, below are a few ideas for relaxing and calm color pallets that work great in living room spaces. If you are lookingRead the full article

08 November 2021

Tips for Interior Painting for the Holidays

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and we are starting to get calls asking if we can complete interior painting projects in the next few weeks. It’s not too late to have your home painted before the holiday season, but you will want to be as ready as possible to make the estimation process asRead the full article

13 October 2021

Textures 3-D Wall Panel Installations

Installation of “Textures 3-D” Wall Panels We recently had the opportunity to set up a few 3-D textured walls for a local Dermatology clinic in the Knoxville area. The project was to include painting of the entire interior of the building including the lobby, treatment rooms, hallways, lab, and other occupied spaces. In addition toRead the full article

11 October 2021

Update Your Home Office With CertaPro Painters

More and more office workers in Knoxville have started taking up at least part of the work week from a home office. The shift to work from home has increased demand for interior painting and renovation projects. If you are considering giving your home office an update, our team can help with a variety ofRead the full article

13 September 2021

Popular Colors for Kitchen Cabinets in Knoxville, TN

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors in East Tennessee We have seen an uptick in interest in cabinet refinishing projects in our area over the last 10 years. Many homes in the Knoxville area have cabinets with high quality wood and woodworking that have an outdated or worn look. If your cabinets of of quality construction,Read the full article

16 August 2021

Tips on Choosing an Exterior Color Palette for your Home

Determining what colors to use for your exterior painting project can be daunting, but if done right you your results will be beautiful and last for at least a decade. The new coat of paint makes a huge difference and will enhance the value and perception of your home by leaps and bounds. Let’s walkRead the full article

14 June 2021

Stain Color Options for Backyard Projects

The elements, extreme temperatures, and foot traffic will wear away at a wood deck resulting in a faded and unappealing look. It is recommended that you stain your deck at least every 2 to 3 years. When setting out to stain, it is important to inspect it taking note of any loose screws, splintered andRead the full article

10 May 2021

Brick Painting & Whitewashing in Knoxville, TN

Professional Painting / Lime wash / Whitewashing for Brick Surfaces in Knoxville, TN Painting brick is a popular way to dramatically transform the curbside look and feel of a brick home. Brick painting projects can be difficult because of the porous nature of the material, brick will soak up paint which means more paint willRead the full article