13 September 2021

Popular Colors for Kitchen Cabinets in Knoxville, TN

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors in East Tennessee We have seen an uptick in interest in cabinet refinishing projects in our area over the last 10 years. Many homes in the Knoxville area have cabinets with high quality wood and woodworking that have an outdated or worn look. If your cabinets of of quality construction,Read the full article

16 August 2021

Tips on Choosing an Exterior Color Palette for your Home

Determining what colors to use for your exterior painting project can be daunting, but if done right you your results will be beautiful and last for at least a decade. The new coat of paint makes a huge difference and will enhance the value and perception of your home by leaps and bounds. Let’s walkRead the full article

14 June 2021

Stain Color Options for Backyard Projects

The elements, extreme temperatures, and foot traffic will wear away at a wood deck resulting in a faded and unappealing look. It is recommended that you stain your deck at least every 2 to 3 years. When setting out to stain, it is important to inspect it taking note of any loose screws, splintered andRead the full article

10 May 2021

Brick Painting & Whitewashing in Knoxville, TN

Professional Painting / Lime wash / Whitewashing for Brick Surfaces in Knoxville, TN Painting brick is a popular way to dramatically transform the curbside look and feel of a brick home. Brick painting projects can be difficult because of the porous nature of the material, brick will soak up paint which means more paint willRead the full article

12 April 2021

Paint and Home Maintenance Tips for Spring in Knoxville

It’s a great time of year in Knoxville to start in on exterior house maintenance projects. Spring maintenance can include a variety of projects, we took some time to compile 6 tasks every homeowner should consider this time of year. Each spring, take some time to inspect each of the following items on your home:Read the full article

16 March 2021

Basement Refinishing Services in Knoxville, TN

Does your basement currently look or feel dark, cold, and just plain uninviting? While it may be hard to see now, your basement area holds so much potential. If you are looking for a new project to tackle this season, you should definitely consider finishing out your basement. Luckily, CertaPro Painters®️ of East Tennessee canRead the full article

08 February 2021

Stairway Restoration & Fire Escape Painting in Knoxville

Painting & Restoration of Stairs & Fire Escapes in Knoxville, TN For Residential Properties: Our team can help restore dated stairwells within your home by refinishing and painting or staining the stairs. Restoring stairs can be a labor intensive and difficult job to properly perform, if you are looking to have your stairs updated youRead the full article

26 December 2020

Giving Back to Knoxville Ronald McDonald House

Each year around Christmas time our team looks for ways we can give back to the local community. This year we had several charitable initiatives including a donation program for the Ronald McDonald House of Knoxville. The mission of the Ronald McDonald House Charity is to create, find , and support programs that directly improveRead the full article

14 December 2020

Questions to Ask at Your Painting Estimate

Hiring a professional paint crew can be stressful. A little prep work will greatly ease the process of picking the crew to work on your home, and give you confidence in your hiring decision. We have prepped a few questions and items to look for when evaluating painters to use as a guide: How longRead the full article

05 November 2020

Door Painting & Staining in Knoxville, TN

Door Painting & Staining Services in the Greater Knoxville, TN Service Area Front doors are a main focal point of the home from the exterior. A professional painting or door staining project can greatly enhance the curb appeal of the home and give a fresh new look the the primary entryway. Door staining projects canRead the full article