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Signs of Rot & Paint Fail – Why This is Important to Protect Your Home

Posted on November 30, 2022

When you invest in routine maintenance of your home, it is important to watch out for rot and paint failure. Here at CertaPro Painters® of East Tennessee, we value providing homeowners with the latest information they need to protect their homes. Continue reading below to learn more about the common warning signs of paint failure and rot, and what this could mean for your home.

The Common Signs of Paint Failure

There are often a few ways that you can spot paint failure at your home. The first will be the result of an unprofessional service where you paint has not been applied evenly, and does not have the aesthetic look that you were expecting. This can often result from improper application.The second way you might notice paint failure is when your paint has not adhered effectively due to weather, type of paint used, or other contributing factors. This can be noticed by the appearance of peeling or blistering instead of a smooth finish.

In order to prevent paint failure, it is essential to work with local professionals that have the experience you need for a seamless painting service. Our team of painting contractors in Knoxville, TN can assist you with an efficient application, and we also know the best types of paint to use for each of your interior or exterior spaces. Proper paint application can protect your home from the natural elements to prevent future costly damages.

What is Wood Rot?

Wood rot is another thing to look out for when inspecting your home. Wood rot is often caused by water damage or insect infestations. A few of the key signs your home may be experiencing wood rot are peeling paint, stains and flaking, as well as splintering of the actual wood on the exterior of your home. Places that we often see this issue are window frames, fascia boards, soffits, wood siding, and even decks and patios. If your home is showing signs of wood rot, it is time to contact your local repair professionals for a service. You can learn more about our wood rot repair services here.

Inspecting your home for both paint failure and wood rot is imperative to keeping the structure of your home safe. If you are in need of a painting or carpentry repair service, complete our online form to request a free estimate on your next project today!

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