Wood Rot Repair in Eastern Tennessee

rotting wood on sillWood Rot Repair in Eastern Tennessee

Wood rot forms when moisture remains in contact with untreated wooden surfaces. Over time the wood will break down and lose its structural integrity. It is important repair and replace areas with rotting wood to prevent the rot from spreading and causing more damage to the home. Part of our line of carpentry services includes wood rot repair, we can help with properties in the greater Knoxville, TN service area. Contact us to set up a free estimate.


Common areas on homes with wood rot in Tennessee

– Exterior trim
– Window trim
– Soffits
– Areas around gutters
– Decks
– Wood Siding

Identifying Wood Rot on your Homewood rot on soffit

To find wood rot, the easiest method is to use a flat head screwdriver and walk the perimeter of your home. Inspect wooden areas like wood siding, deck surfaces, and trim. Start with wood lowest to the ground and along the roof line, as these are the most common and likely areas to find a problem. Also look closely at areas where two boards meet, the seam between areas is a common place for water to settle and cause damage over time. Most wood rot will be visible in plain site, but it can be hidden. While inspecting, use the tip of the screwdriver to press against questionable areas, if you feel the wood starting to give it is likely rotting and in need of repair.

How is wood rot repaired?

In most cases, rotting wood needs to be fully replaced with new wood. We have carpenters on staff who can cut out damaged sections and place new cuts of wood in their place. Once the wood is replaced our team will apply primer and paint to protect the surface for years to come.

Repairing rotten wood is a common task needed on exterior painting projects. Our crews are experienced with the repairs and can make quick work of any rotten surfaces on your home.

How to Prevent Wood Rot from Forming

Wood rot is formed by moisture and water on wooden surfaces. The only way to prevent wood rot is to make sure water and wood to not touch on the exterior of your home. Keeping the exterior painted and caulked will help prevent rot from forming over time.

In some cases wooden materials can be replaced with waterproof alternatives, like PVC. If you have a chronic wood rot problem on the exterior of the home be sure to ask if any waterproof materials can be used for the project instead of wood.