Painting Tips To Make Your Small Bathroom Seem Larger

Bathrooms are by nature a smaller room in your house. There is a difference between small and minuscule is huge. While you should never expect your bathroom to be gigantic, it shouldn’t feel like the walls are closing in on you after you shower. Here are painting tips to make your small bathroom seem larger. With any interior painting project, there are often questions about color selection, and preparation techniques. If you have any questions please call us at 719-465-3118 to discuss your project.

Go big with mirrors.

Small bathrooms tend to be dark bathrooms. Creating more light in the room will help to banish shadows and darkness. Use mirrors to bounce more light around the room. In addition to a mirror above the sink, consider adding mirrors on the wall, back of the door or on a shelf. This will give the illusion of more space.

Recess shelves.

Shelving in your bathroom is practical and pleasing. You need places to put your items, so shelves are a natural answer. Eliminating clutter on display allows the bathroom to show as functional rather than messy. Use the shelving area to whisk away necessities. Use open shelves to create depth in the walls. Once the shelves are built in, paint them the same color as the walls. This will allow them to blend in and make the shelves feel invisible.

Install a pedestal sink.

No one wants their plumbing on display. But a cabinet under the sink can be cumbersome and take up a lot of space in a small room. Using a pedestal sink allows you to hide the ugly plumbing without taking up more floor space.

Hang items.

Rather than using shelving that takes up floor space, hang items instead. Vanities, cabinets and other intrusions into the floor create a broken line around the room, thus making it feel smaller. By using versions of these items that attach to the wall, you can maximize the illusion of floor space.

Combine a shower and tub.

Small bathrooms don’t always have space for a separate shower and tub. But that doesn’t mean builders don’t try to wedge it in there. If you are the victim of a double tub situation in a bathroom that’s already too small, combine them. Reduce the used floor space by adding a tub with a shower head in it and removing the shower vestibule.

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