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Typical Crew Start Time:  8:30 am – 9:30 am

NoteSomeone from our Team or the original Estimator may arrive at a later time

There are some outside factors such as changes in weather and changes in the scope of prior jobs that have a chance of changing your start date. If such a factor were to affect your start date, not to worry – we will contact you as soon as we know.

For Interior Projects:


· WALLS & WINDOWS: Please remove pictures, ornaments, objects/shelves, and small furniture, and store them away from work areas. Please remove window treatments, blinds, and drapes. Do not remove the hardware if you plan to reuse it.

· CLOSETS: Please empty closets and remove shelving. If you choose not to, we will work around the systems. For removal assistance from our team, additional charges may apply.

· PICTURE HARDWARE: Please leave nails, hooks, and picture-hangers in place if you plan to re-hang the pictures. If not, please remove them. Our painters will repair any holes.

· COLORS: Please send us the colors prior to project start. Generally, you can select up to 3 wall colors, one ceiling color and one trim color. Additional colors will be billed at $100 each in addition.

· LINENS, ETC: Please remove towels, toiletries, and accessories from bathrooms.

· ELECTRONICS: Please disconnect wiring from computers, video, TV and stereos. Remember to identify the wires in order to reinstall them easily after the work is complete.

· CABINETS: Please empty all contents into boxes and remove them from the room. Please allow 48 hours for cabinets to dry before handling them, and up to 2 weeks to fully cure.

· PETS: Please plan to keep pets out of the working area. If there are special instructions regarding gates, latches, doors or other items concerning pets, please inform the Job Site Supervisor upon arrival.

CERTAPRO PAINTERS WILL PERFORM THE FOLLOWING SERVICES, unless otherwise stated on your agreement:

– Move large furniture into the center of the room
– Cover floors in drop cloths, plastic and/or construction paper
– Cover furniture with painter’s plastic or sheathing
– Move furniture back after the job is complete
– Remove and dispose of trash, left over materials, and empty cans
– Mark and leave leftover paint cans for your records and touch ups

Final walkthrough to be performed by a Job Site Supervisor, who will handle collecting final payment, touch ups, and any other on site needs

***We will NOT remove or install wall mounted TVs or other installed electronics ***

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