28 December 2022

How To Maximize Your Coziness This Winter

If you’re looking to give your home a new look this winter, consider giving it a fresh coat of paint. Not only can a new color brighten up your space and make it feel more welcoming, but it can also help create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for the colder months. If you’re wondering howRead the full article

26 September 2022

Victorian Homes & Their Color Schemes

There is a section of Louisville, Kentucky that is affectionately referred to as “Old Louisville.” The Old Louisville area consists of about 48 city blocks of nothing but charming Victorian homes. It is the 3rd largest historical preservation district featuring almost entirely Victorian-era home architecture. Old Louisville is also home to the highest concentration ofRead the full article

31 July 2022

Repainting Your Store Front Will Attract New Customers

So, your business or enterprise has been gradually declining and you are having a challenging time figuring out why. Will repainting your store front help

31 May 2022

Want to Enhance Creativity & Work Performance at the Office?

The website Color Psychology (at https://www.colorpsychology.org/) gives you all the information you need about which colors create different feelings and motivations.

Hiring the Best Professional Commercial Painters

 If you want the outside of your business to shine again, you need to hire the best commercial exterior painters you can find.
Don’t panic. CertaPro Painters of Woburn have you covered. 

28 February 2022

Dining Room Decor Ideas

Your Certapro painters can help you with dining room décor ideas by utilizing our color consultants expertise to choose the perfect colors. Then letting our professional painters create the perfect canvas for you to create a room you want to use every day. How can you make your dining room the best possible space for everyday use? Keep reading to find out!

30 January 2022

Feel Like Painting Your Brick? What are Your Options?

maintaining & rejuvenating your brick home’s curb appeal can add significantly to your home’s bottom line at resale. But painting your brick? Really?  Yes. Even painting your brick. Its in style. Will you try it?

28 December 2021

How to Hire Professional Commercial Painters 101

At CertaPro, our professional commercial painters can answer all your questions and help you to start your business renovation project. 

26 November 2021

Sherwin Williams 2022 color of the year

Every year, each major paint company chooses a paint color to be their color of the year. The colors are chosen based on design trends & what designers

01 November 2021

Five Tips For Painting Your Home

“Winter is coming!” If you were a Game of Thrones fan (and who wasn’t, right?”) You would know that that phrase was to alert everyone of the impending doom and gloom of the ice king. While not nearly as dramatic or dire, the same can be said about painting the interior or exterior of yourRead the full article