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Professional Cabinet Painting & Restoration Services in Waukesha, WI

With a professional cabinet restoration project, your kitchen cabinets can be brought up to date with a modern look and feel at a much lower cost than full cabinet replacement. For cabinetry projects, we remove hardware and cabinet doors. Our painters then re-install the door hardware and re-hang the doors once we have completed painting the cabinets.

Most cabinet projects involve:

  • Removal of hardware
  • Surface prep, including sanding and carpentry repairs
  • Priming surfaces
  • Painting cabinets with durable paint
  • Installing new hardware to match new colors (optional)
painted cabinets

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The Kitchen Cabinet Restoration Process

Not all projects are the same, and tasks can vary depending on the type of cabinets you have, but the following breakdown is accurate for most cabinet projects.

Doors & Hardware Are Removed

We carefully remove doors and hardware from all cabinets. You will have an opportunity to update hardware on a project like this to match the new look.

Surfaces are Sanded & Prepped

Surfaces are sanded, some parts by hand and others with power equipment to prep the surface for a new paint or stain application.

Paint / Stain is Applied to Doors

The project will vary here depending on if you want a stained finish or a painted one. Painting often includes primer steps to help keep the finish durable.

man painting a kitchen cabinet

Paint / Stain Applied to Mounted Cabinets

We then work our way around the hung cabinets, while still on the wall. This is usually done with hand rollers or brushes.

Reassemble Cabinets

After the paint or stain has had time to dry and cure, the cabinets and hardware are put back together for a beautiful final product with a brand new look.