The Lodge Resort in Pebble Creek Nature Preserve

The Lodge Resort in Pebble Creek Nature Preserve is a five-star apartment community consisting of 4 buildings built on more than 15 rolling acres of oaks, poplars, natural rock landscapes, and creek bottoms. It’s a place you would be proud to call home.

The owner and managers of the property, Bryce Styza Properties, requested a proposal for re-staining of the failing full log balcony supports and entryways (30inch diameter full log, three to four stories) and the window, gables and dormer fascia trim (half log, four and five stories). The re-staining project consisted of prep work, caulking, and re-staining of the logs. This commercial painting project took eight weeks from start to finish.

Project Challenges:

The Lodge Resort buildings are built into the sides of hills leaving the crew to deal with steep elevation changes, natural rock formations, and landscaping that created production nightmares. The gables and dormer peaks are four to five stories high and required considerable ladder work because of limited access using lifts and booms.

Prep Work:

The logs on the exposed faces of the building were failing badly (60 to 80% failure). A stripping agent was applied to the logs and then they were power washed to remove the failing coating. Failing caulk was also removed and these areas where re-caulked as needed.

Stain Choice:

The original coating used on the logs was a light colored semi-transparent stain which Mr. Styza liked, but required more maintenance because it did not hold up in the sun as well as a darker color stain. We presented two options regarding the re-staining project.

      1. The same semi-transparent stain that the logs where originally stained with
      2. A solid alkyd stain, matching the color closely to the original stain used

We also provided a best case and worst case budgetary scenario for maintaining the buildings over the next 30 years, with each stain being quoted. Mr. Styza elected to go with a solid stain. It was the best choice when considering future maintenance costs.

Project Conclusion:

The Lodge Resort project was completed on time, in budget and the Pride Walk ended without a Punch List. We have satisfactorily completed other commercial projects for Bryce Styza Properties since this one at the Pebble Creek Nature Preserve.

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