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Tropical Living at its Best (and Worst)

Few things in nature will rival the sheer power and damage left behind from a strong hurricane. While our warm climate and temperatures attract the world to our backyard, those of us who live here year round know the threat that lies in a wind and rain based storm. In the Orlando area, we are not immune from powerful storms like hurricanes and the tornadoes they can spawn. Every year local and national resources like the National Hurricane Center put out guides of what to do to prepare your home and family when a storm threatens the area.

Before the storm threatens and the shutters go up, there are preparations you can make that may seem trivial at the time of the storm. Learn more about hurricane prep. These items help seal your house and avoid rain and wind from getting in as the bands move through the area.


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Make Pre-Hurricane Repairs

Living in the tropical south, we know that hurricane season preparations begin long before the season kicks off on June 1. To get ready, typically residents will begin stocking up on water, canned goods and generator supplies. Getting your home in tip top shape should start before your first trip to the store. Any of us who has fought with plywood has surely considered adding shutters or hurricane impact windows. In that same vein, you should be looking at your home’s seals and paint to withstand the storm as well. Here are some items that should be addressed before the beginning of season.

Wind, Rain and Floods

While wind is the most costly culprit of storm-related damage, flooding and water issues are right behind it. According to the National Flood Insurance Program, the average hurricane-related home flood claim was over $39,000. Hurricanes every season cause billions of dollars in damage. Take time to prepare your house for every possibility before the storm comes. Here are a few items to look for to reduce potential damage.

Window Seals

We are swift to install hurricane windows but are the windows on your home sealed properly. Even under the shutters and plywood, improperly sealed windows are prone to cracking, damage and water intrusion. Over time, especially in humidity and heat, caulk can get old, brittle and fall away. The once tight seal can be left allowing wind and water to blow during a regular afternoon thunderstorm, so you can imagine the outcome during a hurricane.

Inspect Wall Gaps, Soffits and More

Any allowance for water to make its way in your home is potential for damage during a storm. Stucco can have gaps  and cracks that should be addressed especially before a storm. Some issues may need a simple caulking, while other larger gaps could require patches to be applied. Ask your painters to consider an elastomeric patch and a high quality sealer and paint to finish the project.

All holes naturally found in the house should be looked at for their seal. Inspect areas like HVAC systems, laundry outflows, cable and wiring holes and more. Every hole in your home has the potential to cause wind and water to end up inside. Make sure soffits and pipes and joints are all in good condition. Getting the most thorough seal allows you the most protection.

Gutters and Roof Sealants

Since you probably have the ladder out, clime onto the roof and up to the gutters and make sure they are intact and well secured. A flying gutter can cause an exorbitant amount of damage through 12 hours of rain bands. Clogged gutters can make back flow run into your home or stress your roof. Stacks, skylights, chimneys and any other roof elements need to be sealed and secured pre-storm.

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Hurricane Preparations

To prepare your home’s exterior for the hurricane season, don’t put off smaller chores. These imperfections can quickly escalate, especially with the wind and rain associated with a hurricane. Below are some of the services we can offer to prepare your exterior for potential weather.

Stucco Repair

Stucco Repair

Repair stucco to create a solid finish.



Use caulk to create a solid seal for frames on doors and windows.

Paint and Prime

Paint and Prime

Seal exteriors with primer and paint so wind-driven rain is repelled.

Seal and Paint Wood

Seal and Paint Wood

Avoid moisture with a new seal or paint on wooden elements.

Make Repairs

Make Repairs

Make repairs now for a smooth finish.

Act Now

The time to act is long before a storm threatens our area. Set up a free, no-obligation estimate to speak with our estimator about hurricane-related concerns today.

And once the storm has passed, if you find yourself left with hurricane damage. Contact us. We’re here to help.