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Brick Painting Services by CertaPro Painters® of North Orlando-Space Coast, FL

Brick is often a stylish addition to any structure, but spots, stains, and wear can greatly devalue its beauty. Certapro Painters® has years of experience in painting interior and exterior brick surfaces to return your home back to its once eye-catching form.

Choosing CertaPro Painters®

Because they are porous, painting bricks can prove very tedious. Exterior brick painting requires a painstaking preparation process for the best results. Dirt and mold must be removed with a power washer must be closely regulated so as to not damage the brick’s mortar. Bricks must be given ample dry time to avoid trapping water inside with paint.

Skillful application and knowledge of what paints adhere to brick are necessary for the next step. Choosing the wrong product can cause the paint to wear away and easily chip. The decision to paint your brick also needs to be firm, as you will forever lose the natural look of your bricks. Such a serious commitment requires the attention of CertPro professionals for a highly detailed and long-lasting result.

Brick Painting Steps

The steps to paint brick is a multi-layered process where professional execution is recommended. CertaPro Painters® of North Orlando-Space Coast, FL is equipped and ready to tackle your interior and exterior brick projects.

1Clean and Repair

All brick surfaces are power washed to remove dirt, mold and debris. The brick is also sealed for protection and proper paint adherence.

preparation to paint


CertaPro Painters® will cover all areas of your home not meant to be painted and cover the ground to protect from overspray.

Painted bricks


Once everything is prepped, your CertaPro team will apply premium-quality paint to your home’s exterior, creating a uniform finish.

4Daily Cleanup

All painting materials and paint chips are neatly removed from the project area at the end of each day.



After an internal inspection, your job site supervisor will walk you through the completed areas, giving you the opportunity to review Certapro's work and to provide any initial feedback.


See some of our brick painting projects below. Click on each for a larger view.