Why Hire a Professional Painting Service

It can be tempting to take on a house painting project as a home owner. House painting can be a long and tedious task that requires specialized skills and tools. You have options, but here is why you should consider hiring a professional painting service.


Even for the most efficient home painter, painting takes time. Any pro will tell you that preparing the area for paint should take twice as long as the actual painting project. Never, ever underestimate the amount of time painting will take, and that’s if mother nature doesn’t intervene with cold weather or rain. You may also find that you need multiple runs to the local big box store for supplies. Since a professional painting service will arrive with all of the necessary tools and knowledge, they can more more swiftly through your project.


There is no substitute for experience, and the knowledge that comes with it. The professionals work on projects like yours day in and day out. They will know how to handle any issues that arise while painting your project in the most efficient means. From their previous work, they will likely also have brand allegiances and knowledge to get you the most long lasting and beautiful finished project that suits your needs.


There are details within the painting job that can make the difference between a painting project looking good, and great. Pros have these down to a science and will be able to replicate these details on every painting project. Uneven lines, divots, drips and more can make a job look haphazard. With a professional crew, you’ll get the benefit of their knowledge on avoiding these issues or correcting them if they do arise.


Crews, like CertaPro Painters, have learned over time the best ways to turn out a great looking project in the most efficient time. Typically, when you hire professional painters, you could get more than one painter on your project. This means less time with the crew in your home and more hands to make light work. As an added benefit, since they are hired to complete a project, they are unlikely to be interrupted by chores or family. They will be able to turn out the work much more swiftly.


If you paint your own home and something goes wrong, the cost of repair is on you. With professional painting crews, insurance can cover the cost to correct an issue on a jobsite. Contractors have insurance to cover injuries to themselves or the work. If there is something wrong after the job is complete, policies are in place to repair your property. This should provide you with piece of mind, knowing that the potential issues would be taken care of.


There can be quite a bit of equipment necessary for a painting project, whether it’s interior or exterior. When you hire a crew, you’re getting equipment that is necessary to complete your work. When looking at the cost to hire a crew, remember to offset the price by how much you need to purchase in terms of tools and products.

Get Started

Professional painters will take your project from start to finish with fast, flawless results. If you are unsure whether you want to do your own painting, CertaPro Painters offers free in-home, no obligation estimates on projects. Contact us now to set yours up.