What is a Commercial Painter?

Posted on July 26, 2021

Hiring a commercial painter provides not only painting work, but also knowledge and skills to provide any specialized tasks you might need for your project. There are 5 benefits of working with a commercial painter, including:

1. Knowledge and Experience

Commercial painters will arrive on site with extensive knowledge and experience in working in establishments just like yours. This ensures they have encountered needs and requirements that your commerical space might need. From prior experience, painters for commercial properties will bring knowledge that allows you to get the best results for the most affordable price. They will also have relationships and experiences with paint providers and their qualities.

2. Equipment, Tools and Products

Commercial painters are well versed in the use and necessity of specialized equipment, tools and products that your project requires. Knowledge of their use before will allow the team to be fluent with the machinery and get efficient results without causing any damage. Sprayers, scaffolding, platforms, lifts and other equipment is completely within their wheelhouse.

3. Refined Processes

Commercial painting contractors are typically more experience crews that will act professionally in front of customers, clients and staff. They’ll schedule their approach to allow as little influx in the project as necessary. In addition, they provide high quality preparation, painting, clean up and disposal.

4. Efficient Use of Money and Time

Businesses have a bottom line to maintain. Using commercial painters can allow your project to be handled more efficiently. Less time on site and high quality products means the painting can last longer and take less time to apply. All of this means a leaner bottom line in the end.

5. Flexibility

Commercial facilities rarely have the luxury of closing down for painting. CertaPro Painters will work with you to create a schedule with little disruption in your normal operating hours. Sometimes this includes nights, weekends and off hours. Our team will ensure painting takes place without shutting business down.

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