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Posted on January 4, 2021

Welcome to our FAQ page! Here you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Costs/looking for a quote

How do I get an estimate for painting my home? Professional painting companies will offer you a free in-home estimate. One large distinction you will see with a professional painting company is the details included in your estimate to not only include the brand of paint, but the specific system chosen, as well as how many coats that will be applied. You can sign up for a free in-home estimate here or call us at: 916-361-1023.

How much does it cost to paint a house? To paint the exterior of a 2,500-square-foot, two-story home, professional painters charge anywhere from $4,000 to $7,000 for labor and materials. The cost to paint the interior of a 2,500-square-foot, two-story home can range greatly depending on many factors. We see it fluctuate anywhere from roughly $4,500 to $12,000. There are over 25 different factors that can drive the price up or down and we can walk you through these so you get the proposal that is right for you.

How much does it cost to paint the interior of a house? The average-size home in the United States is around 2,300 square feet, while the average cost of interior painting ranges from $2-$7 per square foot, with most homeowners paying around $3.50. This makes the cost of painting a home interior $6,900 (two coats of paint, trim and ceilings) on average in the US. Costs can vary greatly based on the complexity of the work, additional prep work and repairs, quality of the paint and even the part of the country you live in, just to name a few!

How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a house? The quoted price will vary from state-to-state. Initial estimates from painting contractors are sometimes based on the square footage of your home. We see some contractors use your floor square footage and use a rang of $2-$5 a sqft as a general cost. At CertaPro Painters® of Sacramento-Folsom/Roseville, CA we count and measure every surface to give a very accurate proposal. Additional factors contributing to price variations are the cost of materials and labor in your area, along with the number of stories and ease of access to the home. We have seen many cases where the same model home on the same street had two very different prices. Things like fading, additional prep, and paint color can contribute to the price differences. We’ve compared our prices to our top competitors, and we’re confident our accurate estimating process puts us on the mid to lower end of pricing models we see in the greater Sacramento Valley area. We will gladly walk you through all of the factors that impact a paint proposal.


How do I find a good house painter? Here is a list of things to consider when hiring a professional house painter:

  • Call at least three different contractors for a bidand be home for the initial meeting with them. A house painter should take the time to assess the job. Even the most experienced painter will need more than just a quick walk around your home. Be sure to ask each painting contractor about the process that will take place to paint your home, the brand and specific paint system they plan to use. There are dramatic differences in quality of paint within each brand. We want you to know the differences of the quality of paint and make a good decision based on your needs and your wants. This will also help you compare estimates from one professional company to another when you are confident you are comparing apples to apples.
  • State your expectations. The number of coats a painter applies isn’t the only factor in determining the quality and price of the project. Preparation is also key. If you want a surface that’s free of unevenness from past paint jobs, tell the contractors and be prepared to pay extra. If you can live with some imperfections, agree on what level of prep is acceptable.
  • Get estimates. Seek a written estimate from each contractor. It should include the number of coats of primer and paint, the brand and model of paint systems and materials along with a detailed description of the prep work that will be done. You want to be sure all of your needs and concerns are addressed in your written proposal.
  • Check online reviews and references. Get a list of references from each contractor and call them to find about their experience with the pro. A history of positive references is a good sign. Be sure to look at their online reputation as well. Look at current and older reviews. Online reviews are also a good place to find how the business handles customer complaints! You will likely see a small number of less than favorable reviews. You can’t please all the people all the time so it is all about how the pro handles any issues. Look for review responses that can tell you a lot about how a business values their customers!
  • Consider credentials. Verify whether the pro has the appropriate license(s). You’ll find the licensing information for your state on the Contractor’s License Reference website. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau or the attorney general’s office in your state to learn whether the contractor has a history of unresolved complaints. Be sure to get a copy of the painter’s liability and workers’ compensation insurance certificates. If they don’t have coverage, as the homeowner, you could be liable for any accidents, for example, the crew drops a ladder on your neighbor’s car or a crew member falls off a ladder and is injured.
  • Look for a guarantee/warranty. The painter should promise to correct any chipping, peeling, blistering, flaking, or excessive fading or chalking that occurs within two years after the job is done at no or little cost. If you are told the paint itself has a warranty, remember that doesn’t include labor.

Should house painters have insurance? YES! Reputable and professional house painting companies should carry insurance to protect themselves, their workers, and you! Be sure to get a copy of the painter’s liability and workers’ compensation insurance certificates, usually, copies are attached to the estimate. If the company doesn’t have coverage, as the homeowner, you would be liable for any accidents, for example, the crew drops a ladder on your neighbor’s car or a crew member falls off a ladder and is injured.


How do I choose paint colors for my house painting project? There are numerous ways to select the right paint colors for your project. You can DIY it and get ideas online by visiting websites like Houzz or visiting your favorite designer’s blog on sites like HGTV or the DIY network. Another way is to look at homes in your neighborhood, are there any color combinations that you like? Consider knocking on that door and asking them what color they have painted their house. If you would rather seek a professional opinion, many professional painting companies will offer a color consultation with a professional designer, often for no cost if you sign a contract with them to do the painting. This is a great way to get professional advice and be sure you are choosing the right color combination for one of your most valuable assets.

Which painters offer color consultations? Choosing paint colors for your home can be a daunting task. Fortunately, many professional painters offer a free color consultation if you have a signed contract with them. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Sacramento-Folsom/Roseville, CA, we offer color consultation services.

What are the current popular colors for home exterior painting? Some of the most popular colors currently are Swiss Coffee and Dark Black Fasica and Gutters and Trim. Other popular colors are cream, beige and blues and greys. Brown is also popular if you are looking for a darker color. It is important to keep a few things in mind when choosing a paint color for the exterior of your home. While it’s good to be creative and have a look of your own, you don’t want to clash with the surrounding homes. This will hurt not only the value of your home but also the value of properties in your neighborhood, and that could result in upset neighbors! Light trim is good for reflecting the sun’s heat and lighting effects. Also, if you have a large home on a small lot, light-colored homes can make this size difference even more dramatic. Darker tones can help balance the home and land.

Painting costs

How much will it cost to paint my home? Costs vary greatly depending on several factors your city and state, square footage, number of stories, grade of paint and number of coats, same color or color change, type of siding for exterior painting, trim and number of windows and doors.

Are there any special offers for house painting? You can check our exclusive, seasonal offers here!


1. How long will your paint job last? On average 5-10 years; however, keep in mind there are a number of factors that go into the durability of an exterior paint job on a home. The prep work done prior to painting will dictate how long the paint will hold up. Climate and surface also play a significant role in how long the paint can last. For example, large swings in seasonal temperatures, a lot of direct sunlight, paint can deteriorate much faster.Your home is one of your biggest investments so when you’re ready to paint the exterior of your home, you should hire a professional painting company that uses quality products.

2. How do you know when it’s time to paint the outside of your home? There are a few obvious signs to watch out for, like cracking and chipping paint, but there are also some less obvious things that can cause problems too. Exterior painting is a pretty big job, so it’s always a good idea to hire professional painters if you can.

3. How often do I need to paint my house?  Every home is different so there is not a simple answer to this question. Most paint manufacturers say that a good rule is to paint every seven to ten years. However, this depends on factors such as the climate where you live and the quality of the previous paint job. Another factor is the type of surface being painted or stained.

For example:

  • Wood siding – every 3-7 years painted and every 4 years for stain
  • Aluminum siding – about 5 years
  • Stucco – typically lasts 6-8 years
  • Painted Brick – can last 15-20 years
  • New types of materials – need to be touched up less often; for example, cement fiberboard siding can go 10-15 years before repainting.

4. Is there a warranty for painting on the interior/exterior of a house? A limited warranty covering workmanship is for 2 years from the completion date of the job for both interior and exterior painting. A professional painter should be willing to repair peeling, blistering or chipping paint resulting from defective workmanship at little or no cost to the homeowner. The paint itself falls under the manufacturer’s warranty, between 15-25 years and some even offer a lifetime warranty. If you are told the paint itself has a warranty, always remember that workmanship warranties are separate. Be sure to ask for it in writing and always read the limitations.


How long does it take to paint a house? Painting the exterior of your home can take as little as a day and up to a week or two depending on many factors: the size of the home, number of stories, the type of material being painted, same color or color change, the amount of prep work needed in advance of painting, using a large professional painting crew or DIY and even weather can be a factor. A crew of 3 professional painters could paint an average size home in about three days. Ready to find out exactly how long it will take to paint the exterior or your home? Call or fill out our online form for a free in-home estimate today!

How long does it take to paint a room? This depends on a number of factors: the square footage/size of the room, the amount of prep work involved, painting a room the same color(s) or changing the color(s) and also if you are painting the ceiling and trim or just the walls. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Sacramento-Folsom/Roseville, CA we’d be happy to come out and give you an estimate on your project. Call us or fill out our online form for a free in-home estimate today!

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