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Kitchen Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. In fact, there is one simple way you can give your kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank.
Fine Cabinet Painting by CertaPro Painters® of Sacramento-Folsom/Roseville, CA can transform the look of your home with our cabinet painting and refinishing system.

Mark Resistant

Mark Resistant

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

Factory Smooth Tough

Factory Smooth Tough



Adhesion to Wood & Laminate

Adhesion to Wood & Laminate

Ultra Durable

Ultra Durable

The Cabinet Painting Process

Step 1:

We arrive and begin to remove all doors and drawers and label each one carefully so as to make sure we are going to resinstall them back to the exact opening they came from. Our team will wrap and protect each one, and transport them all back to our shop where we can do all of the prep and painting in a controlled environment and allow them to cure. Once we have removed all of the doors and drawers, we begin to prep the entire area and room to prime and sand and apply our first coat of paint on the boxes. Our goal is to have paint on the boxes on day one or two.

Most companies will do this process on site at the home in a garage. We have chosen to do this in a controlled environment to prevent pollen, insects, and various airborne debris from being able to contaminate the painted products before they dry. We have also found this is better for the customer as we do not have to worry about overspray going onto valuable items stored in the garage. It also cuts down on the amount of dust being tracked into the home. We just find it to be a much better process.

Step 2:

We go back to the home, sand any imperfections of the first coat of paint, apply our second coat of paint and allow it to fully cure and we leave the home.

Step 3:

We begin the labor-intensive process of prepping the doors and drawers for paint. The best cabinet painters know that the time spent on prep has an incredible impact on the finished product. Each door will be sanded, caulked, primed, sanded, painted, sanded, and painted again. If we are still able to find imperfections, we will apply a 3rd coat at no additional charge.

This step is the longest step. It can take 3-7 days depending on humidity and temperature to do this properly. We want to allow the paint to fully cure before we begin to sand and prep for the next coat. This cannot be rushed. If this part of the process is happening in a customer’s home, it is usually rushed to finish the job. We take our time to do an excellent job that we will be proud of.

Step 4:

We carefully wrap all of our doors and drawers and transport them back to the customer’s home and reinstall, so any final touch ups, and wrap the job up.

Transform Your Cabinets Today!

One of our expert cabinet refinishers will visit your home and take a look at your kitchen. They will be able to assess the project and give you a fair quote. The price you get will be the price you pay; there will not be any surprise changes.


What You Can Expect

Skill set:

The Painting trade has a wide range of skills ranging across the board from people that can spray new homes, to people that do fine finish work. When you choose to work with CertaPro Painters® of Sacramento, CA, you can expect only our most experienced and best cabinet painters. Our cabinet painters have an average of over 10 years of experience painting cabinets alone. In fact, our lead cabinet painter has done more than 300 sets of cabinets.


We take great pride in over communicating what should be expected as a finished product. We will talk about this at the time of the estimate, as well as come back to meet all stakeholders to discuss the project before we begin. We love having all parties on the same page and we find that when we do, we have a raving customer!

Door Alignment:

Quite often, when we reinstall doors, it will appear that they are not aligned properly. However, we are just now able to notice the gaps that were present before the doors were removed for paint. Once they are painted, it becomes more evident and we’re examining them closer than ever before. This is very normal and quite a few of our customers will hire a cabinet installer, or skilled craftsman to come in after we leave to fine tune all the hinges.


If you have grains present in your cabinets, we will discuss this added step to cover and hide the grains.


Most cabinet jobs take at least a week. Quite often 2 weeks, depending on humidity and temperature. This is a process where our highest skilled teammates are working on your cabinets which are usually the focal point of your kitchen. The last thing we want to do is rush them.

My Kitchen:

  • Day one and 2, we ask that you stay out of the work area. Once we do our final coat of paint in the boxes we ask that you give it another day before anyone uses the kitchen. We do not want to risk anyone scuffing the boxes and having to start over.
  • Due to the fact that we use a spray booth off site, we typically are able to give you access to the kitchen much sooner than if we are doing the job on site.
  • Each kitchen and cabinet are unique in its own way and we ask that you work with us to time when you can fill your cabinets back up and when they are ready for use.
  • Many people will go on vacation after step 2 as there is no need for us to be in the home and you can allow you paint to fully cure and not be inconvenienced by not having access to your kitchen.

We Revitalize Your Existing Cabinets In Your Choice of Color

Painting is an easy, cost effective way to dramatically change the appearance of your home. Additionally, CertaPro Painters® of Sacramento, CA can help you in choosing the right cabinet color for bathrooms, laundry rooms, bookcases, and entertainment centers to modernize your whole home!

“CertaPro refinished our kitchen cabinets from dark brown to a beautiful white. The craftsmanship was superb. We could not be happier with the finished product. The folks who did the work were very professional, careful and timely.”Pat & Rita M.

For more information about our cabinet painting services & process, please give us a call at 916-361-1023 or email Franchise Owner Brendan McGagin at [email protected]