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Why are woodpeckers pecking my house?

A few reasons why woodpeckers might be pecking at your house include finding a mate, creating a nesting cavity, or finding food. We can help. Learn more about how to stop woodpeckers from pecking your home.

What are the benefits of painting a home before moving in?

Buying a new home can be one of the most exciting days of our lives. With a new chapter just behind that front door, you can’t help but want to move in as soon as possible. BUT, if you can push the move-in date back a bit and paint your house ahead of time, there can be quite a few benefits. Learn more here.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We are covered with full Workers’ Compensation for injury protection and General Liability coverage for any accidents that may occur on the property.

When did you become the owner of CertaPro Painters® of Roswell?

I purchased the CertaPro Painters® of Roswell franchise in 2017.

Do you paint commercial properties?

Yes. CertaPro Painters® of Roswell paints a variety of commercial properties ranging from industrial, HOA communities, office space, retail buildings, and more. See our commercial portfolio here.

How many colors are included in a typical proposal?

Most of our estimates and proposals include 3-4 colors. The majority of our customers choose 1 color for their interior walls or exterior siding, and then a second color for their trim, typically something that’s brighter and has more sheen.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes. We offer a 2-year warranty that covers any areas on your house (interior or exterior) where there is failing paint that is not adhering to the surface.

How will my project be managed?

In terms of how your project will be managed, our goal is to deliver an extraordinary experience through our Certainty Service System. This includes our Certainty Pledge, which is a series of questions tailored to your priorities as our customer. In a residential painting project, they ask things like “should we make sure the gate is closed to ensure your pets do not get out” or “do you have a preference on arrival and departure times for the crew while working at your home”. For commercial projects, the questions are slightly different and are typically asking things such as “What are the security protocols regarding entering and exiting the property”, and “How can we make sure we don’t need to interrupt you during the project while you are working on other things”. These are just some of the ways in which we help to manage your project.

What prep should I be expected to do prior to painting?

There are a few things we ask the homeowner to do prior to the start of their painting project. For an exterior we would ask that any trees, bushes, or anything brushing up against the house is cut back at least a couple of feet so that the painters can access all areas that need to be cleaned and painted. For interiors, the crew will move any large furniture to the middle of the room and cover all of those items prior to painting. However, for any breakable or fragile items, we ask that the homeowner move those items to a safe area before our arrival. Also if you have any pictures on the walls that you plan to put back up we ask that you leave the nail in the wall. If that is done the crew will not repair the hole and you will be able to hang your pictures back up exactly as they were before the painting project. If you decide you do not want to put the photos back up please remove the nail so the painters know to fill and repair the hole. These are a few of the major prep that we ask of the homeowners prior to starting the painting project.

Do you have a project minimum?

Yes. In the Spring and Summer months, we have a project minimum of $1,000. However, we are willing to complete smaller jobs for repeat customers! We take great pride in the fact that we have customers that repeatedly use us for their painting needs, and we will do what we can to ensure they remain customers for life.

Can the price of my estimate change during the project?

There are a couple of things that can change the price of a paint job during the project. There have been cases when we reduced the price because there was less involved with what we needed to do to get the job done. And there are other cases where we find carpentry on upper levels of homes, and we will stop, take a picture, and talk to the customer about it, and decide on a go-forward strategy from there. Also, homeowners can decide to add scope items mid-project, like adding an additional room, and we write up a quick change order and continue working.

How many people will work on my project?

Every project is unique in its own way, and as a result, the crew can be larger or smaller depending on what makes the most sense. Whether it’s 8 or 9 crew members or a crew of 1, you can rest assured that they will have the ability to take care of anything that may need to be done to your home from a painting standpoint, along with carpentry, sheetrock repair, cabinet painting, etc.,

Can you help me select colors for my project?

Yes, we can. CertaPro Painters® of Roswell offers a complimentary color consultation for any interior or exterior painting projects that are priced at $2,000 or more.

What paint product do you use?

We use Sherwin Williams paint products on most of our interior and exterior projects. We partner with them so we get great deals on all of their products. Something we hear often is customers wanting to use a competitor’s paint color such as Benjamin Moore or Behr, which is not a problem at all as Sherwin Williams can match almost any competitor’s paint colors. This way we can keep the price low by using Sherwin Williams products and provide each of our customers with the color they prefer.

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