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CertaPro Painters® of Rochester Southeast are Local Brick Painting Professionals

Bricks are commonly used in Rochester for their ability to look great and keeping us warm in winter. Over time, bricks can lose their color and vibrance, especially outdoors. UV rays and weather can leach the color from the stone if you don’t step in to help. This is where our painters come in. If your bricks are looking less than stellar, adding a coating of sealant, stain or paint can create a protective barrier for bricks while adding a new color. Our exterior painting services can give you an brick home that you are proud of. To update your bricks, contact CertaPro Painters® of Rochester Southeast. Our brick services include:

Power Washing

Some bricks need revitalized with a power washing. Sometimes this is all the bricks need. This is always the first step to a brick project.


To completely change the look of bricks, use paint. This offers an opaque look in any color. There have been very successfully painted bricks in white, black, neutrals and other colors.


Staining allows you to enhance the current color of your brick while allowing some of the natural variation in color to show through.


Interior fireplaces can benefit from the addition of paint, stain or seal. The projects need special attention to remove soot and use a paint that is made to withstand the temperatures of a fire.


Adding a sealant to the existing bricks will simply put a coating over the current colors of brick.

Painting Brick

Painting bricks allows you to protect the surface of the stones. Also, because more colors are available, you’ll have a wider selection to choose from. Once bricks are painted, they will likely need redone every five years or so. The bricks can hold onto moisture so it’s imperative to allow the stones plenty of time to dry after cleaning and prior to applying paint. Otherwise, painting will only trap the moisture inside. This could cause the paint to peel off prematurely. Using paints made for porous bricks will help alleviate this problem.

Staining Brick

Stain is a good option to maintain and protect bricks while allowing the natural porous nature to continue. To determine if your bricks can be stained, throw water on the bricks. If it runs off without absorbing, it’s likely already sealed. This means you’ll have to remove the sealant with thinner or brick sealer stripper before proceeding. Always test a small patch first to make sure the bricks won’t be ruined.

Our Local Brick Painting Projects

This modern brick home features lots of white trim work that needs regular maintenance painting. Note the beautiful two-story arched entryway and warm, wooden door - the focal points on the front of the home.

Here is another brick and siding home that features blended color scheme. Dark shutters highlight the windows well. Take note of the keystones painted black over each window - matching the shutters. Attention to details like this can make or break the visual appeal of a house.

This modern home uses a white trim and dark shutters as contract against the brickwork on the exterior of the home. These elements work together to add style to the home and bring out the upstairs balcony area as well as the patio with the French doors leading into the home.

This modern brick home still has plenty of exposed wood that requires regular maintenance painting. We'll walk you through everything we find when we come out to do an estimate for you.

Here's a modern brick home that features a slate grey against the red masonry. Note the landscaping that is close to the house. We take extra precautions whenever you've got landscaping like this, to help prevent oversrpay and paint from the home getting into the bushes.

This is an outstanding company. We have used their services on many projects and have always been pleased with the high-quality, fair-price, and exceptional professionalism they consistently deliver. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

- Bill V. | Mendon, NY

Bill V. | Mendon, NY

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