How To Optimize Your Entryway With Fresh Paint And Decor

There are quite a few ways you can make a statement to your guests through your entryway style and decor. As your friends and family arrive, your entryway is a great space to showcase unique items, photos, and other fun decorative elements. When you decide to update this part of your home the possibilities are endless. Below are a few ideas on how to customize the entryway at your residence through interior painting services, and other design changes.

Choose A Paint Color That Matches The Style Of Your Home

foyerIs your home more of a farmhouse or french country style when it comes to decor? Or do you prefer more of a bold and modern feel? You always have the option to use fun colors in an entryway, but the overall tone of the shade may need to be muted depending on the rest of your home. This way everything flows cohesively.

For the first two decor styles you could use a light gray, airy blue, or even an off-white shade. If your home has a modern flair, consider using navy or a dramatic red.

Display A Gallery Of Photos Or Artwork

Regardless of the size of your entryway, there is always a way to customize your space with paintings, graphic prints, or even family portraits. By incorporating these elements you can help your guests to learn more about you as they enter your home. It is also a simple way to update your overall design.

Lay A Decorative Runner Rug

rugWhen you add a pretty runner rug to your entryway or foyer, it will create an instant flow into your home. If your home has a more traditional look and feel, a Persian rug would completely enhance your space. If your home is more country or bohemian, a rattan rug would be a nice way to accentuate your space.

Add An Entryway Table

If your home has the space, you can think about adding an entryway table to display more decor or photos. You can look for a new modern one, or even update an older existing piece of furniture. Sometimes all you need is a coat of paint and to change out the hardware to create a completely new look for your furniture.

Update Your Entryway With CertaPro Painters®️ of Reston Today

To give your entryway a fresh coat of paint or to add an accent wall, reach out to your local CertaPro Painters®️ of Reston for a free consultation. We look forward to working with you soon!