14 July 2020

Door Staining Services in Reston VA

Door Staining Services for Homes in Reston VA We offer specialized door staining services for homes in the Reston, VA services area. Wooden front doors are common in the area, and over time stained doors can fade due to use and sun exposure. Our team is experienced with door projects, we can help with lightRead the full article

Steps to Paint a Room

A freshly painted room can give an old, tired room a new lease on life. Spend a little time with prep work and you’re sure to get a really great outcome. Here are 7 steps to paint a room like a pro. Pre-prep Free the space Move all of the furniture to a different room.Read the full article

09 June 2020

Get Your Home’s Summer Exterior Ready In 4 Steps

After a long winter and spring, summer is here. Since most of us are ready to get outside and blow off some steam, we need to take care of our summer chores first. Your home’s exterior might not be as eager to greet summer as you are. Annually, you should perform a thorough inspection ofRead the full article

12 May 2020

Spring Front Door Paint Ideas For An Instant Refresh

Your house is cleaned from top to bottom and you’re organized, prepped and cleared out for summer. Take advantage of a free afternoon to update the exterior of your house with an unexpected fresh feel. Here are spring front door paint ideas for an instant refresh. Get a wow-worthy house entrance this spring by addingRead the full article

14 April 2020

Experts Favorite Office Paint Colors

There are shelves full of books on how to be productive. Little did you know, all you needed was a new paint job. Color psychology can help you choose a color that lends itself to your style and your productive needs. We asked our experts for their favorite office paint colors to get you started.Read the full article

30 March 2020

Neutral Paint Colors that Work for Any Home and Any Style

Neutral Paint Colors that Work for Any Home and Any Style Neutral paint colors are typically a go-to. Having a simple backdrop makes it easy to be creative with the rest of the décor and furniture in the room. It also makes it easy if you are indecisive on styles and know you’ll be changingRead the full article