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How Long Does It Take for Paint To Dry?

Posted on July 30, 2021


Now that you have decided to have your home professionally painted you might be wondering how long will it take for the paint to dry? There are a few factors that go into paint drying time and even more importantly: the curing time. In this post we are going to go over the difference between dry and cured, the difference between paints and surfaces, and how long it might take your project to dry.


Dry vs. Cured

            There are two different stages in the paint drying process. There is dry which typically means dry to the touch and that it won’t come off if rubbed against. The air molecules have penetrated the first layers and it’s no longer going to be messy. Next is the time that it actually takes to cure the paint which means to make it hard. Cured paint means that it’s hard enough to withstand everyday use.

It doesn’t take paint very long to dry. However, it does take longer to cure.

different types of paint drying

Different Types of Paint

            The main two types of paint are latex and oil-based. Latex based paints will take less time to dry, about an hour. Oil-based paints can take between 6-8 hours to dry. Depending on the project our professionals can sometimes do both coats in one day. Other times they may come back the next day to apply the second coat. Certa Pro ensures that the correct paint is selected for the appropriate surface. Also, that the first and second coat application is flawless so drying and curing time is as efficient as possible.

Interior vs. Exterior

            The basic differences here are the surfaces and their exposure to air moisture and temperature. Interior surfaces are climate controlled which can limit exposure to humidity. Unfortunately, if there is moisture in the air it can elongate the drying time for paint. Therefore, interior projects will need ventilation so that air is circulating which helps the surfaces to dry.

In addition, exterior paints can be exposed to more moisture but are outside where more air circulates through natural wind. Likewise, temperature is also an important factor because the warmer it is the longer it will take to dry. Sometimes, exterior projects are influenced by higher temperatures outside this takes projects longer to dry in certain climates.

Curing Time

Curing time is also very important. Oil based paints cure in about 7 days. Latex paints take much longer at around 30 days. This is when it will reach maximum hardness and ready for use.


Certa Pro Professionals make sure to select the right paint for the specific surface. Also, they will give you an estimate of when your project will be dry and cured. Hiring a professional is the best way to guarantee paint application is correct and therefore takes the least amount of time to dry and cure. To learn more about our interior process click here and for exteriors click here.

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