03 June 2022

5 Reasons Why Stucco Painting is a Good Idea Right Now

Stucco is a fairly low maintenance option, but it can fade or sustain sun damage over time. Repairing and painting your stucco is something to do today!

Drop Cloths 101

If you have ever attempted a painting project yourself, you likely have an appreciation for drop cloths. For those who haven’t, read on to learn more!

01 April 2022

5 Reasons to Repaint Your Cabinets

Repainting cabinets can not only save you money but extend the useful life of your cabinets. Many times we get tired of the look of the cabinets long before the cabinets actually fail. Repainting cabinets can provide them with a fresh, clean look without the significant expense of replacing them. Today, we will discuss fiveRead the full article

28 February 2022

How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling texturing was introduced as an alternative to the stomp texture, popular in the 1970’s. Popcorn ceiling texture is typically made from polystyrene and sprayed onto a ceiling with a machine called a hopper. Popcorn ceiling texturing is done to break up smooth, flat ceilings and cover any blemishes remaining from the drywall finishing.Read the full article

01 February 2022

5 Tips for Painting Perfect Edges

Some of us dread painting. In most cases, we don’t actually dread painting as much as we dread trying to paint a straight edge. Even pros sometimes struggle to create clear, defined edges against surfaces like trim and floors. Today, we will discuss five strategies for painting perfect edges every time. Using an Edger EdgersRead the full article

24 December 2021

3 Tips For Using Paint Guards

Paint guards are tools used to prevent one paint color from bleeding onto an adjacent one. These tools are indispensable when using a paint sprayer, but they also come in very handy when painting with a brush or roller. Paint guards (sometimes called paint shields) are usually made from thin aluminum or plastic, are veryRead the full article

30 November 2021

Three Reasons to Complete Home Painting In The Winter

There is a saying that says, ‘summer bodies are made in the winter.’ The same is true for your home. You do not know how badly your home is in need of a new look until you begin to change some things up. During our snow months, it can be tempting to snuggle up insideRead the full article

01 September 2021

7 Tips for Prepping Your Home for Fall

With summer almost over and the cooler months coming, we have compiled this list of awesome tips to help you prep your home for fall. Everyone loves a cozy, fall vibe and you want to make sure that your home is ready for those cold temperatures. Some of these tips you may already know butRead the full article

30 July 2021

How Long Does It Take for Paint To Dry?

  Now that you have decided to have your home professionally painted you might be wondering how long will it take for the paint to dry? There are a few factors that go into paint drying time and even more importantly: the curing time. In this post we are going to go over the differenceRead the full article

31 March 2021

The Benefits of Power Washing Services

At CertaPro Painters®️ of Northwest Metro Minneapolis, MN we can provide you with professional power washing services at your local home or business. There are multiple benefits of power washing your property. From having an inviting exterior to keeping your visitors safe, power washing is a must for your maintenance checklist. Below are a fewRead the full article