16 January 2023

3 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

You are told every spring you should do a full inspection of your home’s exterior paint. If you find that it is in decent condition with no repairs needed, don’t lose your excitement for an exterior update. You can still make a difference in the look of your home before you need a full paintRead the full article

07 December 2022

Tips for Painting Your Retail Space

There are a lot of components that go into repainting your commercial business. It is sure to be overwhelming and intimidating if you’ve never taken on such a task. Gathering the materials, prepping the areas, and carefully applying paint is a lot to manage. Additionally, you want to make sure you are not interrupting yourRead the full article

09 November 2022

Cozy Winter Color Schemes our Painters Love

Winter makes us want to cozy up inside with our family and friends. The color on the walls can set up for cozy or cold for the remaining snowy months. Additionally, winter is a great time to interior paint. The weather is less than stellar, but it provides perfect humidity for you to take onRead the full article

06 September 2022

Victor Ibarra – Painter Spotlight

We’d like to congratulate Victor Ibarra on being nominated for the 2022 CertaPro Painter Spotlight! Victor – along with his team members – take pride not only in their work, but also in the integrity with which they operate. Victor is an excellent leader and role model who takes ownership for the actions of hisRead the full article

30 June 2022

Painting Plus Many Other Services Certapro Offers You

We love introducing new customers to the many services CertaPro offers you. We want to make working with us the easiest and most convenient option for completing your home improvement project.

31 May 2022

Why Light Carpentry Projects Make a Big Difference

Completing the small light carpentry projects prior to the big exterior painting projects can make all the difference in the world in how the painting project turns out good or amazing. 

31 January 2022

Interior Paint Palettes: What Colors to Choose

As winter approaches here in Northern Kentucky you may find yourself feeling a bit of seasonal boredom. While in other seasons everything is bright and exciting, sometimes the winter months can really seem to drag on. Now that we are all staying in the house more it might be time to consider updating your interior paint colors. The right shade of paint can bring new life to any room. Below are a few of our top color picks for this winter season

26 November 2021

Home Improvement Projects to Complete During the Winter

Its almost winter. If you are going to be stuck inside, why not work on some home improvement projects that are needed around your home?

27 October 2021

4 Rooms to Paint Before the Holidays

Once again, the calendar is getting thin and the holidays are nearly here. Now is the time to spruce up your house before hosting holiday guests and parties. Before you put up the fall and winter decor, give your walls a look. If they lost their luster over the last couple years, it could beRead the full article

30 September 2021

3 Tips for End of Season House Painting

It’s unbelievably but fall is here. With lowering temperatures, changing leaves and pumpkins arriving, there’s no denying it. This change of season also signifies the start of something else: the best time for house painting! Cooler temperatures give us the perfect climate for an exterior painting job. Since rain and snow are not expected toRead the full article