06 September 2022

Victor Ibarra – Painter Spotlight

We’d like to congratulate Victor Ibarra on being nominated for the 2022 CertaPro Painter Spotlight! Victor – along with his team members – take pride not only in their work, but also in the integrity with which they operate. Victor is an excellent leader and role model who takes ownership for the actions of hisRead the full article

31 May 2022

CertaPro’s Light Carpentry Services

The same goes for broken window frames, dated doors, decrepit railings, then the smaller repairs and replacements are covered by light carpentry services.

31 January 2022

Fireplace Painting Trends for 2022

The latest trend in fireplace decorating is to paint the brick. Of course, trends change quickly and the natural look for brick will certainly return & become retro. 

28 December 2021

Questions to Ask When Hiring Professional Commercial Painters

But the outside of your thriving business needs help. You can’t pull this one off by yourself. This project needs CertaPro’s professional commercial painters to make it happen. 

26 November 2021

Is Wood Rot Giving Your Home Cancer?

Home improvement professionals refer to wood rot as cancer to homes with wooden siding or trim. Wood rot can destroy a beautiful wooden structure

27 October 2021

4 Rooms to Paint Before the Holidays

Per usual, the year has flown by and the holidays are nearly upon us. Act now to spruce up your indoors before hosting holiday guests and gatherings. Before pulling out the fall and winter decor, give your walls a once over. If they lost their luster over the last couple years, maybe it’s time toRead the full article

29 September 2021

3 Tips for End of Season House Painting

Fall is here and now is the time to plan for the end of season. With lower temperatures, changing leaves and pumpkins arriving, there’s no denying it. This change of season also signifies the start of something else: the best time for house painting! Cooler temperatures create the perfect climate for an exterior painting job.Read the full article

25 August 2021

5 Questions for a Commercial Painter

Hiring a painter for a commercial space is intimidating to say the least. Going into estimates with painters armed with expectations and questions will allow you to better set your business up for success. For the estimate, make sure you plan to spend time with the estimator and go over the wishes for the paintingRead the full article

31 July 2021

How much does a painter charge?

Most homeowners will not going into a painting project for fear of the bottom line. If you have been scared to even inquire about your work, maybe this is the time to consider working with our professional painters. Unfortunately, there is no real answer as projects are individualized. You should be wary of a companyRead the full article

29 June 2021

Local Painters with National Backing

With the local community needing support, post-pandemic, many homeowners are becoming very aware of the importance of hiring local. Working with locals in your area supports those close to you. But hiring locals can forgo some of the benefits of a national company. Working with CertaPro Painters of Cincinnati allows you to hire local paintersRead the full article