Turn Your Bedroom into a Private Getaway

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It is the space that you have to yourself and where you can go to unwind and spend quality time with your significant other. So, why should it not feel like private away? There are simple adjustments you can make to your bedroom to make it feel like a romantic and intimate place.

Add a private nook. A nook is a perfect place to sit and read or talk. It can be made intimate by adding comfortable chairs with footstools.

Add a window seat. This is the perfect place to sit and have your cup of coffee in the morning and just relax before beginning your day.

Luxurious sheets. Comfortable sheets are probably the most important part they are worth the extra money. Silk sheets look luxurious, are comfortable, and add romance to the bedroom. Linen is also a great choice, it will feel like you are staying in a hotel. Adding a silk canopy will really make the bed look luxurious.

Darken the room. Sheer curtains give the romantic feel while also filtering some of the night. You can add roller blinds behind them if you want to completely block out the sun.

Create good lighting. You don’t want too bright of light so stick with warm yellow-toned lighting. If you need brighter lighting to do tasks such as reading, get a “task lamp” for the side of the bed. You can also add a dimmer light switch.

Be aware of your bedroom habits. Try not to be on your phone, computer or watching tv in the bedroom. It should be a place for relaxing activities only.

Add candles. Quick way to add a romantic feel to any room. If you have a pet or kids and don’t like having open flames around then opt for fake ones, you can’t tell the difference. You can add scent in other ways such as air fresheners or wall plugins.

Add a photo wall above the bed. What better way to decorate than with intimate memories with loved ones?