02 August 2021

Kitchen cabinet color ideas and options

Repainting kitchen cabinets in a color rather than a natural woodgrain finish is a hot trend right now. While it can be a fairly labor-intensive project with a lot of prep work, it’s the most cost-effective way to change the look of your kitchen cabinets. Everyone knows how expensive kitchen cabinets can be to replaceRead the full article

05 July 2021

How Heat and Humidity Affects your Paint

When you are planning an exterior painting project you would ideally like to do the work during a time when you aren’t faced with temperature extremes, rain, or high humidity. There is a “goldilocks zone” for both temperature and humidity when painting outdoors. Working well outside of that zone is a recipe for trouble andRead the full article

Paint color visualizers you can use before your next painting project

The days of limited color selection and little paper swatches of paint color are basically over. While you can still get a fan deck of color choices from most paint companies, the move to picking colors from your desktop or phone is the new normal. It’s also not limited to just picking a single color,Read the full article

01 June 2021

How dramatic color changes may effect your next painting project

Today two trends are dominating the painting landscape. For exteriors, the most popular colors of late have been navy blue and medium-light grays to darker grays with white trim. On the interior, there is a split with bolder colors competing with whites for wall space. There is also the increasing use of accent walls forRead the full article

31 March 2021

Why should I Paint My Stucco House?

Stucco Lasts Forever Right? Well, not exactly… Here are five good reasons why you should always paint it. Stucco is a long-lasting finish applied to the exteriors of many homes in Southern Florida. It’s often used in the Miami area as an attractive and durable way to sheath your home and protect it against theRead the full article

02 November 2020

Paint Color Ideas & Holiday Décor

Before you begin decorating your Miami home for the holiday season, you may want to consider what decor can complement the paint color of each space. The holiday season is also a great time to try a new pop of color to really define your space. If you need reliable residential painting services, the CertaProRead the full article

18 October 2020

3 Professional Tips for Painting Stucco

CertaPro Painters of North Miami specialize in Stucco Repairs and Stucco Painting for both commercial buildings and residential homes. Our professional painters have experience repairing cracking, bulging, and damaged stucco in the Miami local areas. Painting stucco can become cumbersome so here are some quick tips: Clean Stucco It is important to paint over aRead the full article

21 September 2020

Paint It Pink

Like to make a donation?Click Here CertaPro Painters® has once again partnered with Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to Paint It Pink. The goal is to raise $50k total during October and November to generate awareness and help fund breast cancer research. Participating franchisees will be donating $10 from every painting project completed between OctoberRead the full article

02 June 2020

16 Hues for Your Hustle, From Our Home Office Painters

Home offices used to be a splurge in most homes. They weren’t the necessities required for today’s life. Most people had a cubicle at work to accomplish their daily tasks, so if you had a home office, it was typically a posh retreat. These days, home offices are necessary. Setting up an area to doRead the full article

16 May 2020

6 Things to Consider When Hiring an Interior Painter

When you’re approaching an interior painting job, hiring a painter can be a tricky road to travel. Arm yourself with knowledge before your first estimate appointment so you can feel confident in the choices you make. Here are 6 things to consider when hiring an interior painter. Lead If you weren’t in your home whenRead the full article