Pressure Washing The Different Surfaces Around your Home

Posted on July 1, 2022

Pressure washing your home will make it sparkling clean, eliminate accumulated grime and dirt, and improve its overall appearance. There are, however, some things you need to think about before you decide to take this job on yourself.

If you’re considering doing it yourself, though, remember that you’re calling on your own time and energy. Not to mention the possibility of injury to you or damage to your property. It is definitely not as easy as some DIY blogs would have you think it is.

Certapro Painters of North Miami, FL offers pressure washing services that will have your surfaces looking fabulous because they are professionals and understand what each job takes to get the best results. We are your pressure washing experts. We know the correct pressure washer to use, with the right attachments and detergents that will have your entire house looking amazing, usually in just one afternoon.

Here are just some of the examples of our pressure washing expertise:


We can pressure wash your roof the correct way. When DIYers try to do it themselves, sometimes the hard jet of water coming from the pressure washer nozzle is too strong and will loosen or damage the shingles and thus leave the roof porous and vulnerable to rain. But with CertaPro Painters doing the job, you don’t have to worry. We can remove those ugly black stains found on your roof without causing any damage at all.

Vinyl Siding

We remove unsightly algae that plague your vinyl siding. We only use the safe low impact pressure system to maintain the integrity of your siding without damaging it. If you start washing too close and too strong, you could damage your siding or spray water into the walls of your home, creating a breeding ground for mold. This is yet another reason why you should leave the pressure washing to the professionals.


Are you embarrassed to invite friends over during the summer because your deck looking so badly? We can remedy this. CertaPro Painters can have your deck looking awesome and you will be inviting company over in no time.


Keep in mind that every concrete surface is different. Older concrete or concrete that has been stamped or stained may respond differently to the powerful stream of water. Holding a pressure washing wand too close to concrete can etch it; etched concrete is generally not repairable.

This is why professionals will test and check your results in a less visible spot before proceeding to clean the entire surface.

Call CertaPro Painters to pressure wash your driveway, garage floors, patios, and any other concrete you need to have cleaned. We can even get rid of gum on sidewalks.


Have ugly stains on decks, concrete, or brick? We can take care of most of these without using the harsh chemicals that our competitors use!


Mold, algae, grease, and grime on your brick don’t stand a chance against CertaPro Painter’s pressure washing services.


Everyone hates cleaning windows. And what about the ones you need a ladder to reach? All kinds of bad things can happen if you try to pressure wash windows with no experience. Let CertaPro get them sparkly clean!


CertaPro Painters gives your surfaces the cleaning they need and our cleaning helps provide extra protection to your roofs and decks by removing harmful residues. Do you have a pressure washing project? Call CertaPro Painters of North Miami, FL at 305-340-2004, or go online to schedule a free estimate today!

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