Curb Appeal to Sell a Home

Summer is the season for home sales. If you are getting ready to move, there are a few projects you might consider to increase your chances for a sale as well as increase your asking price. Most realtors suggest an exterior paint job as a chance for return on investment and preparing a home for a sale. Here’s how to increase curb appeal to sell a home.

Off White

Off white houses are well received by buyers. This allows the house to look clean and crisp with the warmer undertones that are associated with off white rather than stark white. The color works with nearly any color for shutters or trim. It also allows brick or stone to show its natural beauty.


Light yellows read as warm and happy. Keep a pale hue to appeal to the most buyers. Too bright can cause overstimulation and look too bright in the light of day. Pair your pale yellow with sage or white for equally stylish options.

Light Blue

Light blue is a color that is equally suited for suburban streets or coastal neighborhoods. Try fresh combinations of light blue and deep aqua to enhance architectural designs.


Gray is the most popular neutral color being used today. Gray works really well as a monotone look that includes darker and lighter tones of the same hue to create depth and distinction between trim and exterior.


Tried and true beige now is back in a deeper taupe. Keeping neutral tones on the exterior of your home is a good way to play it safe without going with white. This color is a common request for homeowners preparing for a sale because of its wide appeal.

Blue Gray

Avoid polarizing blue by mixing it with gray. Blue gray is a nautical and serene color that is a good way to add style to widely sought after gray colors. Pair it perfectly with stark white trim to set the color off.


Avoid beige with a yellow wheat color. This a warm and clean color that pairs perfectly with dark brown or gray blue. It’s most well suited for a surrounding greenery, in the form of a green lawn or dark forest.

Cypress Green

Green can be an off-putting color on a home but rising in popularity is Cypress Green, a gray and green cross. The color is anything but boring. Use dark gray and black colors for trim and shutters to create a woodland getaway.


While some homeowners shy away from white, it’s a classic for a reason. Renovations and updates can both benefit from a warm white option for the paint. Try Benjamin Moore Cloud White for a clean white that doesn’t feel cold or stark.

Sable Brown

While pastel and lighter colors are the trend in home painting, some owners want to make a statement with a darker color. A good option for this look is Sable Brown, which is deep brown. Because it’s a natural color, it’s more widely accepted than a darker, less likely color in nature. Pair it with white, black or red.

Lighthouse Red

To create depth on your property, use a bright color. Opt for Benjamin Moore Million Dollar Red for a cheery, lighthouse red. It’s both traditional and fresh simultaneously. This color works for homes nestled in a tree background or outlined with a big, broad sky.

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