How to Make Your Home Interior More Cozy Before Fall

While it is still technically summer, it is about time to start considering what interior painting projects you may want to schedule this fall. Renovating your interior spaces can bring new life to your home, and even make it feel more cozy. Here at CertaPro Painters® of Naperville, our team can provide multiple painting services to give your home a completely modern look. Continue reading below for fall painting project inspiration.

Add an Accent Wall

living roomHaving an accent wall added to an interior room can really make a statement. Some popular accent wall choices include shades of grey, navy, blush, burnt orange, and even black. The color that will look best in your space often depends on your personal interior design style. Once you have had a professional paint your accent wall, you can often accentuate this space with unique decor like mirrors, plants, art, seasonal decor, or even vintage furniture.

If you are having a bit of trouble choosing an accent wall color that will look cohesive in your home, we offer each of our clients a free color consultation.

Cabinet Refinishing Services in Naperville

The kitchen is often the heart of your home. It is not surprising that you would want to invest in a few projects to help create your dream cooking space. One of the most affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen is with a cabinet refinishing or painting service. As long as your cabinets are structurally sound, you can avoid the cost of purchasing a whole new set. Having your cabinets painted is a great way to add an element of style to your kitchen. You can have each row of cabinets painted the same color or even go for a contemporary two-tone look.

Refresh Dated Interior Paint

Are your interior rooms looking dull or faded? This is a sign that it is time for a few fresh coats of paint. You’d be surprised how much a simple interior painting service can do for the interior of your home. Our painting contractors have updated many home interiors in the Naperville service area. We have the experience you need for a flawless finish.

We would love to help you renovate the interior of your home just in time to start enjoying the cozy fall season. Fill out our online form to request a free estimate on your next residential painting project today!