30 November 2020

Tips for Decorating a Kids Bedroom

Decorating your kids’ bedroom can be tricky. The best way to do it is to imagine you’re a kid again. Kids see the world differently than adults so it’s important to be decorating for them and not for you. Here are some of our tips to help make decorating your children’s rooms a little easier.Read the full article

03 October 2020

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Paint Colors

The perfect color for you can vary depending on many different factors, including your taste, and design trends.  But in a sea of white and gray kitchen walls and cabinets, yours can stand out with a pop of color fit for you. There are a few ways to get started to help you hone inRead the full article

21 September 2020

Paint It Pink

Like to make a donation?Click Here CertaPro Painters® has once again partnered with Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to Paint It Pink. The goal is to raise $50k total during October and November to generate awareness and help fund breast cancer research. Participating franchisees will be donating $10 from every painting project completed between OctoberRead the full article

03 March 2020

Spring To Do List – Paint First

You have just opened your doors to head outside and you see the mess that winter has caused on your property. While it can be tempting to start with mulching and planting, you could be setting your projects up for failure. Here’s why you should paint first on your spring to do list. Begin withRead the full article

18 February 2020

Paint Colors for Small or Low-Light Bathrooms

Picking a paint shade for your bathroom can be tricky, especially if your bathroom is small. There are some paint colors you are going to want to avoid in order to prevent the bathroom from looking even smaller. But here are the ones we think work great in small bathroom spaces! Teal A bright shadeRead the full article

04 January 2020

Paint to Sell: This Door Color Could Net $6,000 More in Your Home Sale

When you meet your realtor to put your home on the market, you’re sure to hear about the suggested upgrades you should make to get the biggest offers. Making your home marketable can be a costly encounter. Some suggestions will bring in big offers and make you more competitive. Others might not. Wifi appliances, internetRead the full article

31 October 2019

How to Hire the Best Exterior House Painters in Naperville

With so many house painters in the Naperville area, it can be quite stressful to find the best one for your painting project. Every painting company has their own way of doing business. Painting teams don’t always have the most experienced and skilled people. Prices vary greatly. All of these factors can make you run fromRead the full article

24 September 2019

Commercial Painting: What to Know and Where to Go

When you talk about painting, people usually think about residential jobs. But, commercial buildings also need a quality coat of paint. This is an important ingredient to portraying a professional image that is easy to overlook. Having a clean looking building can be the difference between a prospect giving their business to you or movingRead the full article

26 August 2019

Stucco Repair and Painting

Stucco exteriors are beautiful. There’s a reason many people choose it for their home. The only thing is that the stucco does need to be repaired from time to time. It cracks and it decent size chunks can fall of it. While this damage can be overlooked for some time, it can get to theRead the full article

14 July 2019

Why You Should Hire a Painting Company

When many people think about painting a room, they either decide to do it themselves or hire a painter. Hiring a painter means either finding someone who simply will act as you, as if you would be doing it yourself, or hiring a painting company. The best decision you could ever make is to hireRead the full article