How to Choose the Best Paint Color for Your Retail Space in Naperville, IL

One way to set apart your retail shop from others is through your choice of paint color. If your merchandise and color scheme clash, it can be very off putting to shoppers. There are a few things that you should consider when selecting the best interior paint color for your retail store for optimum results. Below are a few tips from our professional team of painting contractors at CertaPro Painters®️ of Naperville.

Consider the Target Market of Your Store

The first question to ask yourself is in regards to your individual target market. For example, let’s say you are opening a women’s clothing boutique. What colors do you think will be most appealing to your shoppers?

If you are selling boutique style clothing to women in the 20-40 age bracket, a good color option would be a light or muted gray like Gray Cloud by Benjamin Moore. This neutral but chic color choice won’t distract potential customers from checking out each of your unique pieces.

Think About How You Want Your Shoppers to Feel in Your Retail Store

vitamin shopBelieve it or not, color can have a great impact on a person’s mood. Shades of blue are more likely to make your client or customer feel calm, while something bold like pink or red can add a flair of excitement to your space.

Instead of going too crazy with color, you could also always consider having an accent wall added to your space. This allows for you to be fun and creative without overpowering your space. It is also a great way to showcase any specific or new merchandise.

Below are a few excellent color choices for your retail shop:

Loyal Blue by Sherwin-Williams: This vibrant blue would be a great choice for a statement making accent wall.

Sashay Sand by Sherwin-Williams: A desaturated shade of blush that can be calming while providing a pretty background for a boutique space.

Capri Coast by Benjamin Moore: An off-white color that will provide an effortless clean look for any retail store.

The colors above are just a few of your many options. If you are unsure what color to have applied to the walls at your store, our team can provide you with a free color consultation from local designers. We can even use some of our innovative tools to show you an example of what a specific color will look like in your store.

If you are looking for reliable painting services in the local community, CertaPro Painters®️ of Naperville are here for you. Complete our online form to request an estimate on your next commercial painting project.