Drywall Repair at Nouvelle Condominium Building

by CertaPro Painters of MetroWest

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A Unique Job for CertaPro Painters of MetroWest

This job was a little atypical for our team. The main focus was drywall repair in conjunction with a plumbing service at the Nouvelle Condominium building in Natick.

Nouvelle at Natick is a condominium building with 220 units ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms. The condo units were in great shape. We worked in conjunction with a plumbing contractor that was hired to relocate water shut-off valves from the ceiling to a more easily accessible location, approximately 4 feet off the ground.

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Our crew helped move stackable washer and dryers so we would have access to the plumbing valves. We then cut out 1′ x 2′ rectangular sections of 5/8ths double layer fire-rated drywall. The work also involved cutting metal studs and working around electrical conduits. We would cut 3 sections out each morning and the plumbing crew would come behind us to move the shut-off valves.

Once they were done, we would rehang the drywall, patch and sand multiple times, and then repaint. Sometimes the new shut-off valves were recessed in a side wall, which required us to install an access panel. We also did clean up after each unit was complete.


Logistics were challenging in terms of gaining access to condos at a time that worked for the owners and the crew. We only worked 8AM-3PM everyday to comply with building work requirements. Normally we would work at least 8AM-5PM on a project like this. Time management was important on a daily basis. We often worked in tight spaces which required more attention.

The plans for the units also varied greatly, so every time we cut open the ceiling or a wall, you would find studs, plumbing, and electrical wiring in different locations


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