24 June 2019

Brighten Up Your Sunny Spot With A Sunroom Paint Makeover

There’s not a ton of wall real estate when it comes to selecting sunroom colors, so it’s important that every surface works extra hard to achieve your dream home sunroom. Neutral paint colors are a wise choice when considering painting your sunroom to keep things bright and airy while embracing the natural light and beautyRead the full article

13 May 2019

Spraying and Back Rolling

Many people have asked whether we roll or spray. I follow that by asking, “Why do you ask?” The truth is, the majority don’t know and after I ask my question, they realize they don’t understand. There are applications for rolling, applications for brushes and applications for spraying. Spraying is the most consistent way toRead the full article

30 April 2019

Paint Your Way to Modern (But Still Rustic) Farmhouse Style

Painting your farmhouse a modern style can pull in the celebrated rustic charm with sleek elements of mid-century modern aesthetic to create a warm and contemporary design. While upcycled decor and sturdy furnishings are a huge part of farmhouse style, cultivating the perfect neutral color palette is just as important to achieving warm modernism. Modern farmhouse design is best builtRead the full article

23 April 2019

Shape up Your Walls by Painting Geometric Patterns

Your wall can make a statement with these paint design pattern ideas. Pull design inspiration from your favorite patterns to help communicate your vision. Even a neutral color scheme with a geometric pattern can make a large impact. If you’re considering repainting your interior walls with a fresh coat of paint, you may have turned to Instagram,Read the full article

18 April 2019

Advantage 900 by PPG Paints

Advantage 900 is a waterborne acrylic enamel developed to have many characteristics of an alkyd enamel, but with water cleanup. Some of the characteristics of Advantage 900 are below: Low odor, very fast-drying formula Non-yellowing Easy soap and water cleanup Washable Bonds with minimal surface preparation Available in semi-gloss and gloss sheens Suzette Martin andRead the full article

08 April 2019

Silken Touch Premium Interior Acrylic Paint by PPC Paints

Silken Touch is PPG’s premium interior acrylic paint. It’s a self-leveling product, giving it a smooth appearance. It covers well, has good color retention, and cleans well. It’s a great product that gets the job done with all of the favorable characteristics you’re looking for. Vicki Waterbury and Suzette Mitchell from PPG discuss Silken TouchRead the full article

05 April 2019

Duration Premium Exterior Coating by Sherwin Williams

Duration is Sherwin Williams’ premium exterior coating. It’s considered a coating, rather than a paint, because it goes on thicker. Its recommended application thickness is 5mm versus 2mm for typical acrylic paint, making it a heavier coating. Duration is comprised of two different technologies: PermaLast and Vinyl Safe. It is long lasting, durable, easy toRead the full article

25 March 2019

SuperPaint with PrepRite System by Sherwin Williams

Vicki Waterbury and Lee Sapata discuss the application of PrepRite ProBlock Primer followed by a coat of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint: We refer to the total application of both products to the substrate as ‘the paint system.’ Quick facts about PrepRite ProBlock: Assures a uniform topcoat appearance Blocks stains Improved long-term adhesion and performance Versatility withRead the full article

19 March 2019

Cashmere, a Premium Acrylic Interior Paint by Sherwin Williams

Cashmere is a premium acrylic interior wall paint from Sherwin Williams. It will bond to most primed surfaces along with most raw surfaces. Cashmere is self-leveling, giving it a smoother look, which increases angular reflectivity. This self-leveling feature is so much smoother that it’s flat sheen appearance is more often described as a flat enamel,Read the full article

14 March 2019

PrepRite ProBlock Primer, a Very Versatile Primer by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams’ PrepRite ProBlock Primer is a very versatile primer. Its purpose is to address any problematic areas so that you can then apply a finish coat to the surface. It can be used to address stains, crayon marks, raw/new surfaces, and more. Some of the characteristics of PreRite include: Good wet and dry ExcellentRead the full article