Painting Kitchen Cabinets (Part 3 of 5)

Posted on February 26, 2020

In this series of videos we prep, prime, and paint kitchen doors. As part of the prep phase, the handles and all hardware get removed and the doors get sanded. The doors are then primed (Pro Block oil based primer by Sherwin Williams). The primer coat is actually the first coat of finish that gets sprayed. In between each coat, the doors are lightly sanded. Then they are sprayed with Emerald Urethane trim paint (Sherwin Williams) After the doors dry they are lightly sanded again and then sprayed with a final finish coat of Emerald Urethane before they are taken back to the customer’s home to be remounted.

A full coat of primer and two finish coats is our ‘standard paint system’ for painting kitchen cabinets. We can add a top-coat for an additional barrier of protection while also improving the finished appearance. In some cases, a full prime with a full finish may suffice, however, may things will go into making this decision such as door surface, current door color, and desired color and finish.

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