15 January 2020

How to Repair Odd Interior Drywall Corners

Unusual corners pose unique problems – we can help. On occasion, you will come across an unusual drywall corner that is a little off; meaning not a 90 degree angle. These corners become difficult to paint, especially if an accent wall is involved, as well as a sheen or color change. Painting an odd drywallRead the full article

14 November 2019

SEAL Grip Interior & Exterior Universal Primer/Sealer

SEAL GRIP by PPG Paints is an interior & exterior universal primer/sealer that comes in three different types: Water based – best for new drywall and trim, and blocks out light stains Synthetic based -best for masonry surfaces Oil based – This version blocks out tougher stains and tannins, and is great for wall paperRead the full article

30 October 2019

Residential and Commercial Interior Projects – 2019

This particular slideshow is a series of before and after photos from this year’s interior painting projects. In this slideshow you will see both residential and commercial projects, including the Louisville Water Tower and Notre Dame Acadamy. Whether it’s a residential or commercial painting job, trust your local CertaPro Painters. Give us a call todayRead the full article

16 October 2019

Refreshing a Painted Lady in Crescent Hill

Three weeks ago, we started working on a 100 year old home. Following carpentry and prep work, we replaced siding boards, window trim, fascia, a water table, and drip trim. Once that was complete, we started scrapping and caulking in order to get this home ready for its first full coat of primer – SherwinRead the full article

26 September 2019

San Francisco Architecture – Soffits (1 of 2)

We recently visited San Francisco and had the opportunity to really appreciate the local architecture. What was really cool was the expression represented with the variety of color and detail in the painting. We took lots of pictures, which we’ve created two slideshows from. Enjoy! Subscribe to our YouTube channel for move videos, and clickRead the full article

13 May 2019

Spraying and Back Rolling

Many people have asked whether we roll or spray. I follow that by asking, “Why do you ask?” The truth is, the majority don’t know and after I ask my question, they realize they don’t understand. There are applications for rolling, applications for brushes and applications for spraying. Spraying is the most consistent way toRead the full article

18 April 2019

Advantage 900 by PPG Paints

Advantage 900 is a waterborne acrylic enamel developed to have many characteristics of an alkyd enamel, but with water cleanup. Some of the characteristics of Advantage 900 are below: Low odor, very fast-drying formula Non-yellowing Easy soap and water cleanup Washable Bonds with minimal surface preparation Available in semi-gloss and gloss sheens Suzette Martin andRead the full article

08 April 2019

Silken Touch Premium Interior Acrylic Paint by PPC Paints

Silken Touch is PPG’s premium interior acrylic paint. It’s a self-leveling product, giving it a smooth appearance. It covers well, has good color retention, and cleans well. It’s a great product that gets the job done with all of the favorable characteristics you’re looking for. Vicki Waterbury and Suzette Mitchell from PPG discuss Silken TouchRead the full article

05 April 2019

Duration Premium Exterior Coating by Sherwin Williams

Duration is Sherwin Williams’ premium exterior coating. It’s considered a coating, rather than a paint, because it goes on thicker. Its recommended application thickness is 5mm versus 2mm for typical acrylic paint, making it a heavier coating. Duration is comprised of two different technologies: PermaLast and Vinyl Safe. It is long lasting, durable, easy toRead the full article

25 March 2019

SuperPaint with PrepRite System by Sherwin Williams

Vicki Waterbury and Lee Sapata discuss the application of PrepRite ProBlock Primer followed by a coat of Sherwin Williams SuperPaint: We refer to the total application of both products to the substrate as ‘the paint system.’ Quick facts about PrepRite ProBlock: Assures a uniform topcoat appearance Blocks stains Improved long-term adhesion and performance Versatility withRead the full article