Bathroom Paint Color Ideas

Spa Paint Colors for Bathrooms

Posted on May 14, 2020

Bathroom spa colorsTake your daily bathroom ritual up a notch and create a spa-like retreat you won’t want to leave. One of the biggest changes in this small room is refreshing the paint. Adding a relaxing color can create the soothing look you need while soaking in the tub. Here are spa paint colors for bathrooms.

Working in a bathroom can be equal parts daunting and exciting. It’s a tough room to paint, with fixed appliances and tight corners. At the same time, the wall space is limited, so painting goes quickly and you see results fast.

When you are shopping for paint, you’ll need to keep a couple of things in mind. Purchasing a paint in the right finish allows it to stand up to the humidity of the room without breaking down. You will want to look for an eggshell or satin finish. These finishes mean moisture will affect the paint less and you’ll be able to easily clean the painted walls from shampoo splatters. If you are considering painting your bathroom, or any other interior painting project, contact us for a free estimate.






There is a reason spas use blue in their color palettes. The color is relaxing and natural. The calm feeling they bring to a room is just the ticket for a spa-like bathroom in your home.

Windy Sky by Benjamin Moore 1639
Lullaby By Sherwin Williams SW 9136


Green again pulls from the relaxing properties of nature. Going with lighter greens can allow a feeling of relaxation in your bathroom while still being approachable.

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams SW 6204
Green Tint by Benjamin Moore 2139-60


Grays are the new neutral that is turning up in every room of the home, the bathroom being no exception. Gray with warm undertones creates a soft backdrop that fades away. Your accessories will take center stage.

Passive Gray by Sherwin Williams SW 7064
Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore OC-52


Beige has all the benefits of a blank slate while bringing a warm and cozy feeling into the room. This enhances the ability to relax while in the room. A long luxurious bath is perfect for a room that’s covered in beige.

French Macaroon by Benjamin Moore CSP-335
Shoji White by Sherwin Williams SW 7042


White should be used carefully in a bathroom, but when it’s done right, it’s the perfectly crisp retreat you’re looking for. Be careful not to use colors with cold undertones. Use a warm white with plants and fluffy towels to make your home bathroom feel like a ritzy hotel.

Pure White by Sherwin Williams 7005
Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore CC-20

While painting a bathroom can be successfully accomplished by a novice, you might not want to handle the job yourself. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Schedule a free, no-obligation estimate with our team today.