How to Paint or Stain a Porch

With the coming summer, we’re all dreaming of spending time outdoors on our porches, hosting family and friends. If the winter has left your porch in sad shape, take some time to protect and beautify it this spring. Here’s how to paint or stain a porch according to the painting experts at CertaPro Painters of League City.

When dealing with a wooden porch or deck, you have options for updating it. You have the option to paint or stain the wood. Either option protects the wood and prolongs its life. But the finished product will look different depending on which option you choose.


Paint is an opaque option to put on wooden decks to protect and change the color. Paint sits on top of the wood and creates a protective layer on it. This keeps moisture out of the wood allowing it to remain intact for seasons to come. Because the color is opaque, paint allows you many options for pairing the color to your home’s exterior color palette.


Stain is a thinner, translucent option to protect wooden decks and porches. This allows the natural beauty of wood to show through the protective layer. It soaks into the wood and creates a barrier against moisture on the outside. While there are many colors of stain available, most of them fall within the naturally occurring colors of wood. It’s meant to enhance the wood, rather than change it completely.

Step 1: Assess

Before undertaking a painting or staining job on your porch or deck, make sure it’s in good shape. If you have pieces of wood that are damaged or broken now is the time to address them. Replace pieces that are problematic before moving on.

Step 2: Clean

The key to a professional-looking renovation is to do the preparation steps as a crew would. This means starting with a cleaning. Use a pressure washer to clear away dirt and debris. Pay attention to areas of stains. If you are putting a stain down, these will show through the finish. Remember that using a pressure washer on a deck can be detrimental to the wood. Start with a lower PSI and work your way up. It’s very easy to cause divots and breaks in wood with a power washer that is on too high.

Power washing deck before staining

Step 3: Paint

Use a roller to apply the paint or stain to the porch. Roll along a wet edge, moving quickly to maintain it. Don’t use too much pressure or allow pooling to happen. These problems will only dry into the finish.

Apply a second coat after waiting for the allotted time between coats.

Step 4: Wait

Wait for at least 24 hours before walking on the finished deck or porch. Give the finish plenty of time to dry. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on the paint or stain you choose. Give the paint or stain at least a week before replacing anything heavy or furniture on the space.

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