14 November 2022

Supporting Ronald McDonald House of Galveston

RMHG needed to update the team room in their house. The room was plain and unimaginative. It was not a place teenagers wanted to be. CertaPro of League City/Galveston helped make this space more fun for the kids. We repainted the room. We added color to the ceiling and a very up-to-date wall stripe. TheRead the full article

03 October 2022

Revamp Your Foyer With Interior Painting

Your foyer is often where guests will make their first impression of your home. Here at CertaPro Painters® of League City, we can provide professional interior painting and light carpentry services to help you elevate your entryway. When you invest in your home with routine maintenance and painting, you can create an inviting space thatRead the full article

02 October 2022

3 Easy projects to make your kitchen look like new

The kitchen is one of the primary hangout spaces inside of your home. If your current style does not fit your individual taste, you may not feel like spending much time in this room. Here at CertaPro Painters of League City there are a few ways we can help you bring new life to yourRead the full article

30 August 2022

Commercial Painting in the League City Area

Commercial painting is quite a bit different than having your house painted. Business Owners want a property that reflects their company, the first impression ties into their brand, the appearance needs to look professional, clean, and attractive. Not just for the owners, but for the employees and customers. When it’s time to paint a commercialRead the full article

23 August 2022

Fence Staining in League City

When you work with the painting professionals at CertaPro of League City one thing you can count on is that they show up with the right equipment for the job. In this video you can see how quickly a very large backyard fence goes from faded and unprotected to looking brand new with an applicationRead the full article

01 August 2022

Let CertaPro Help with Your Bathroom Painting Project

You are finally going to attempt the bathroom painting project you have been putting off so, where do you begin? With a plan, of course. Just because they are usually the smallest room within your home does not mean bathrooms are also the easiest to paint. Many people make this mistake. But if you startRead the full article

01 July 2022

We are Your Hotel & Motel Painting Experts

Whether you own a small bed & breakfast inn or a large resort, it’s important to keep your facility looking its best at all times. Guests expect clean, well-maintained rooms and public areas, and if they see signs of wear and tear, they may leave negative feedback online, which could result in lost revenue andRead the full article

31 May 2022

Why Color Matters in Retail Store Painting

Brick & mortar stores have taken a big hit since the pandemic. Due to quarantine restrictions, more and more people learned to shop online and even more people are choosing to stick with online shopping every day. So what do brick & mortar retailers do? Just because more people are shopping online does not meanRead the full article

01 May 2022

Different Types of Industrial Paint & How They’re Used

How are Industrial Projects different from residential? Industrial facilities & warehouses have heavy traffic, and lots of action usually around the clock. The wear and tear on these spaces are so much more than a home. Most factories have hundreds of employees working across 3 shifts. This can cause a lot more paint deterioration justRead the full article

01 April 2022

CertaPro Knows How to Paint Stucco Homes

Everyone loves a painted stucco home. They are extremely popular in hot, dry climates but you will find stucco homes in just about every state in America. A home built with stucco can last for decades with the proper maintenance. But if there isn’t paint on the stucco, it will not last as long. StuccoRead the full article