12 Exterior Colors to Sell Your House

If it’s time to sell your home, you want to be as prepared as possible. Nothing goes further in the selling process than a new exterior color. Let the first impression potential buyers see from the road be a pleasant one. Picking a color that is not bland but has wide appeal can be a challenge. Here are 12 exterior paint colors to help sell your house.

exterior colors


For the overly cautious, off-white is widely accepted as an exterior color. This works particularly well if your home has exterior design elements like brick or shutters. The color will let them stand out in a positive way. You can always create a pop of color for interest in blue shutters or a red door.


Gray is popular if it’s done well. It’s important to pair a barely gray with a vibrant color in trim. Even monochromatic light and dark gray can draw attention for the right reasons. The color works well in lush landscapes with green surrounding it. It makes your home look serene among the bright colors.


Another neutral landing on popular charts is taupe. While it’s both classic and neutral, it allows the character of your home to take center stage. Most homeowners report that they like this color because it’s easy to see their own touches against it.


Going with natural colors will always work. Putty is a newer blend of gray and brown that resembles stone. The color works well in coastal settings and forest areas alike. It’s another color that is good to pair with black or red front doors.

Blue Gray

Some owners will feel like the colors are too boring for their taste. A newer choice is blue gray which brings a nautical feel to a house. It’s a more vivid color but will work as a neutral. Pair it with white shutters and trim and you’ll have a stylish home with wide appeal.

Light Blue

It used to be blue was only for use near the water. More recently, homes are going blue regardless of natural surroundings. A light blue combined with a darker color on trim creates a serene look that stands out.


It’s not brown, but it’s not yellow either. Wheat brings together the warmth of yellow with the clean of brown. Avoid dreary but using dark brown accents for a monochromatic look. Or go with gray-blue accents in the doors and windows for a pop of color. This color is particularly appealing against a bright green lawn.


A tried and true classic, yellow will make potential buyers feel happy. The only caveat is that going too bright can overwhelm the eye. Pale yellow and white trim is a classic house that is sure to sell quickly.

Cypress Green

Avoid matching your yard with a darkened green. The gray tones in this mix will allow for nearly any accent color you’d like to work with. Some have been successful by adding gray or black shutters or a nice natural wooden porch.


There is a reason white is classic. It works in every setting and every instance. Bonus points if your home has brick or rock elements outside. When you are choosing your color, don’t go stark white. Add some subtle yellow or barely brown undertones.

Sable Brown

Earthy colors seem to sell well. Dark and earthy sable makes a statement and reads solid and sturdy to buyers. Warm it up with red, blue, black or white to stand out against other homes in the neighborhood.

Lighthouse Red

It’s a bold choice. Lighthouse red is cherry bright but has been more and more successful in sales. Suburbia or forest, your home is sure to stand out. Be careful with the color variations. Make sure you are far enough off of emergency red so you don’t look like a firehouse.

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