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Our Painting Services for Condominiums and Apartments in the Greater Houston, TX area

Our commercial team understands the unique complexities and detail associated with painting within multi-family communities. Our goal is for your tenants and homeowners to not feel inconvenienced or displaced in their homes and daily schedule during renovations. We take great pride in making sure that no disruption happens while providing the best painting services possible.

We’re proud members of the Community Associations Institute (CAI) Greater Houston Chapter, the Houston Building Owners & Managers Association and work closely with Houston Area Property Managers and Homeowners Association boards.

Greater Houston Chapter of Community Associations Institute
Houston Building Owners & Managers Association

Houston Area Condo and Apartment Building Painting Projects

Lawrence Place

Lawrence Place

Audley Place - Exterior

Audley Place - Exterior

Audley Place - Exterior

Audley Place - Exterior

Twin Lakes HOA - After

Twin Lakes HOA - After

Twin Lakes HOA - After

Twin Lakes HOA - After

McKinney King Properties - After

McKinney King Properties - After

Case Studies

Please view some of our latest commercial painting success stories by clicking on the links below.

Here’s how we make your life easier:

We handle interior painting of common areas such as interior hallways and stairwells.

We paint exterior spaces such as decks, clubhouses, gazebos, and office buildings within your community, as well as front doors, garage doors, windows and any other paintable surface.

We have power washers, painters and carpenters on staff so we can replace rotted wood before we paint. This offers one-stop-shopping to our communities.

Every project is assigned a Job Site Supervisor who understands the unique needs of each multi-family property such as where to park our vans, and which water spigot to use for power washing.

We paint for both large and small communities and understand the unique needs of each type of property.
If you’d like, we can hang door hangers on each resident’s unit to let them know when we’ll be powerwashing and painting. This helps avoid calls to the Homeowner’s Association or Property Manager for small issues.

If you have questions about commercial painting projects, see our commercial painting frequently asked questions page, or give us a call at 281-965-3401.

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At CertaPro Painters of Central Fort Bend, TX, our trained professional painters will transform your commercial property in the Greater Houston area into something you will be proud of.

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Commercial Services Offered by CertaPro Painters® of Central Fort Bend, TX

In addition to interior and exterior painting, we offer a variety of business and commercial services to facilities in and around Greater Houston.

Check out our Brick Waterproofing

Brick Waterproofing

In order to keep your brick and mortar exterior from absorbing water, a brick sealer water repellent can be applied.

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Check out our Drywall Repair

Drywall Repair

Drywall panels can be repaired or replaced, eliminating signs of wear and tear.

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Check out our EIFS Repair

EIFS Repair

Sometimes an Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) will crack or chip and cause leaks or moisture buildup within the wall cavity. We offer professional EIFS repair services!

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Check out our Epoxy Floor Coatings

Epoxy Floor Coatings

The professional application of an epoxy coating by CertaPro Painters® will extend the life of your flooring, improve appearance, increase safety, and reduce overall maintenance costs.

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Check out our Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Quality exterior painting can transform a building with color, whether the project calls for conforming to existing standards or making a fresh, bold statement. We can paint all substrates including wood, stucco, vinyl and aluminum, block and cement board.

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Check out our High-Durability Coatings

High-Durability Coatings

Our team is skilled in applying high-durability coatings for floors, walls, and high-wear areas requiring long-term painting solutions.

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Check out our Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Our professional painting crews will complete interior painting projects with utmost respect for the property and its occupants.

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Check out our Light Carpentry and Repairs

Light Carpentry and Repairs

Repairing and replacing siding, including wood, metalwork, stucco, and EIFS – as well as interior drywall, plaster and woodwork – making sure surfaces are in good condition and ready to accept paint.

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Check out our Line Striping for Parking Lots

Line Striping for Parking Lots

Line striping in parking lots is essential to keeping an organized traffic flow in your lot, but they can fade. Faded lines are hard to see and incorrect spacing can be dangerous for traffic. Choose professional painters from CertaPro Painters® to ensure your lines are properly marked and will last!

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Check out our Off-hours and Weekend Production

Off-hours and Weekend Production

If a project has specific timing requirements, we’re more than happy to accommodate them.

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Check out our Power Washing

Power Washing

A clean surface is required for excellent paint adherence. When appropriate for the material, we offer power washing services before painting begins.

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Check out our Re-branding and Signage

Re-branding and Signage

When re-branding a commercial space, it's important to get the painting and signage completed correctly and quickly! If your building's previous owners had dark colored walls, it may take some work to property cover the space with new, lighter colors.

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Check out our Rusty Metal Door Painting

Rusty Metal Door Painting

Instead of going to the expense of replacing metal doors in commercial buildings, these doors can often be restored and repainted by the professional painters from CertaPro Painters®!

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Check out our Stucco Painting & Repair

Stucco Painting & Repair

A thorough inspection by the professionals at CertaPro Painters® provides commercial customers like you with expert guidance on how best to approach your stucco project!

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Check out our T1-11 Siding Painting

T1-11 Siding Painting

T1-11 siding is an economical construction material made out of plywood that requires regular repainting for moisture protection and to maintain good appearance. CertaPro Painters® is here to help with your T1-11 siding painting projects!

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Check out our Waterproof Coatings

Waterproof Coatings

Let the experienced professionals from CertaPro Painters® protect your surfaces from the weather by applying waterproof sealants and coatings!

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Check out our Wood Rot Repair

Wood Rot Repair

Working with the professionals at CertaPro Painters® always helps to ensure that your commercial exterior wood surfaces are properly repaired and sealed with the correct products.

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