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Professional Brick Painting Projects in Elmhurst

Our team of skilled painters offers specialized brick painting services tailored for both residential and commercial properties in the Elmhurst area. As brick painting gains popularity in our communities, we’ve expanded our services to include this option, providing a modern touch and enhancing curb appeal for your brick buildings. Apart from aesthetics, painting your brick structure serves a practical purpose: the paint not only complements the natural texture of the brick but also acts as a protective barrier against the fluctuating weather conditions we often experience in Illinois.

Below are some popular paint colors used for brick buildings:

  • White or Cream
  • Gray
  • Navy
  • Greens & Blues

Enhancing the exterior of your brick building with a fresh coat of paint not only fits within budget constraints but also makes a significant impact on its overall appearance. Elevate your building’s facade with our professional painting services and witness a remarkable transformation. Interested in redefining your brick building’s exterior? Schedule a complimentary color consultation with our team today.

What You Should Know Before Deciding to Have Your Brick Painted

1.) Before deciding to paint your brick home, it’s crucial to understand the commitment you’re making. Once painted, restoring the brick to its original color is not a straightforward process. Although it’s possible to repaint the brick in another color, returning it to its natural state is not feasible. We encourage you to thoroughly consider your choice and be completely confident in your paint choice before moving forward with our painting service.

2.) To keep your painted brick home looking pristine, routine maintenance is essential. This includes power washing to remove dirt and environmental build-up, ensuring the paint remains fresh and vibrant. Occasional exterior painting services may need a touch-up or to fully refresh the paintwork. Such care is vital for sustaining the beauty and appeal of your home.

3.) Choosing local professionals for your brick painting services is important. The expertise and experience of local experts ensure that the job is done correctly, safeguarding your home against potential damage. Improper application or preparation can lead to a lot of issues, from moisture problems to premature wear and fading. Trusting your home to local experts is a crucial step in ensuring the longevity and beauty of your painted brick exterior.

Rest assured, with CertaPro Painters of Elmhurst, you don’t have to worry about shoddy painting service. Our team is equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to deliver an impeccable brick painting service that meets your high standards.

The quality of your work, and the clean up. We could not improve on what you did. We were VERY impressed.

- Cindy & Dennis C. | Villa Park, IL

Cindy & Dennis C. | Villa Park, IL

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How to Maintain Painted Brick Homes

Upon deciding to paint your brick home, it’s essential to consider a handful of maintenance practices. Though traditional brick surfaces need minimal upkeep, painted brick demands attentive care. This includes periodic touch-ups, the cleaning or power washing of lighter-colored bricks to maintain their vibrancy, and the application of fresh paint layers at regular intervals. If you notice that the exterior of your residence needs touch-ups or a complete repaint, the investment in occasional power washing and painting services could be beneficial.

Fortunately, our company offers both services! We are eager and ready to assist you with these essential maintenance tasks. Don’t hesitate to schedule your next residential painting project with our team today!