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Are You a Business Owner with a Tilt-Up Industrial Building?

CertaPro Painters® can help you plan out and execute your tilt-up painting project, no problem. Our local painting team on the Eastside do their homework. We work hard to stay current with new building & construction technology. After all, there have been many advances in computer-aided design and project estimation that have dramatically increased the efficiency and flexibility of the tilt-up construction process.

Business owners choose tilt-up construction for its speed and efficiency. CertaPro understands this and plans their tilt-Up building painting projects so they work parallel with this specific construction process. We also know commercial and tilt-Up painting require additional planning and special execution.

As industrial painters, CertaPro painters use special techniques to paint all types of industrial surfaces, including tank linings, waterproofing siding, equipment, warehouses, tilt-up buildings, tanks/silos, etc.

Also, factory/industrial painting can help extend the life of your buildings & protect your investment while also boosting your employees’ morale. The professional industrial painting services at CertaPro painters can be trusted to complete your job and meet your expectations.

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There is nothing more important to us than your satisfaction. We are flexible and available for you if you ever have any questions about any step of the process. We provide professional service and convenient hours to effectively meet all of your commercial painting needs.


Commercial Painting Services

We offer a wide range of commercial services handled with great care by highly skilled and experienced professionals. We get the job done right with high speed, quality, and precision. We meet the flexible needs of your schedule while minimizing disruption to your business. We provide a smooth, efficient experience from start to finish while handling each project with finesse and expertise at an affordable price. See the below listings for the broad range of commercial painting services offered by CertaPro.

Check out our Cedar Siding and Shake

Cedar Siding and Shake

Cedar siding and cedar shakes are absolutely beautiful home exterior choice. It is not uncommon for us to see homes with this material in our Washington neighborhoods on the Eastside. However, over time cedar siding can fade, chip, or peel just like other exterior surfaces. If your cedar siding or cedar shakes have become weathered this season, reach out to CertaPro Painters® of Eastside, WA.

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Check out our Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Quality exterior painting can transform a building with color, whether the project calls for conforming to existing standards or making a fresh, bold statement. We can paint all substrates including wood, stucco, vinyl and aluminum, block and cement board.

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Check out our High-Durability Coatings

High-Durability Coatings

Our team is skilled in applying high-durability coatings for floors, walls, and high-wear areas requiring long-term painting solutions.

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Check out our Interior Painting

Interior Painting

Our professional painting crews will complete interior painting projects with utmost respect for the property and its occupants.

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Check out our Minor Drywall Repair

Minor Drywall Repair

Drywall panels can be repaired or replaced, eliminating signs of wear and tear.

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Check out our Off-hours and Weekend Production

Off-hours and Weekend Production

If a project has specific timing requirements, we’re more than happy to accommodate them.

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Check out our Tilt-up Repairs and Painting

Tilt-up Repairs and Painting

We can patch and caulk any cracked areas for protection from water intrusion and to provide a smooth surface for paint application. We’re prepared to handle every aspect of difficult-access projects.

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