31 May 2023

Why Now is the Best Time for Exterior Painting in Washington

There is something about the thought of a warm sun beating down on your back, a melting ice cream cone in hand, and a bright, cloudless sky that inspires us to paint our home exteriors. It is the most popular time of year for painting companies across Washington state– is no different! We also know,Read the full article

07 January 2023

What to Know Before Painting your Siding

Aluminum and vinyl sidings have become increasingly popular on the Eastside in the last few decades. So popular, in fact, that it is hard to drive down a neighborhood and not see this type of home exterior. There comes a time with every house that uses aluminum and vinyl sidings, though, that an update isRead the full article

13 December 2022

Introducing Sherwin-William’s Color of the Year: Redend Point

Sherwin-Williams recently announced their 2023 Color of the Year! Introducing: Redend Point! An intriguing hue of blush beige, Redend Point gives us a soft, nature-inspired canvas to highlight bold accents or bring warmth and comfort to a calming space. We at CertaPro Painters® on the Eastside are excited to incorporate this beautiful shade into ourRead the full article

28 November 2022

Our Tips for Interior Painting for the Holidays

The holiday season is by far the busiest time of the year. Between decorating the home, buying presents, and our daily tasks, it is easy to get overwhelmed! You can mitigate some of this holiday stress by preparing your home before the season is in full swing. Interior painting is a popular and much recommendedRead the full article

27 October 2022

How Often Do You Need to Repaint Your Home Interior?

Your interior walls and ceilings can take quite a bit of abuse throughout the year. Because there are no elements on the inside of your home, it needs to be repainted far less often than outside. The most cited reason for painting your home interior is wear and tear or to update the color. ButRead the full article

19 August 2022

Preparing for a Commercial Painting Appointment on the Eastside

Offices, retail spaces and restaurants all need a refreshing paint job every so often. To give your customers and clients the best impression possible, make sure your building’s appearance looks clean and attractive.  Business owners on the Eastside area turn to CertaPro Painters® to improve their commercial exterior and interior appearance. But what are theRead the full article

27 July 2022

Change Your Look with Trim Painting

Refreshing the outside of your house is a big undertaking. Because the trim of your home often takes the most abuse from fingers and the elements, it tends to get the most dinged up. It is also one of the harder aspects of the home to paint. If you’re looking to do this project allRead the full article

23 June 2022

How Often Should You Paint Your Home Exterior?

You would be hard pressed to find a homeowner that looks forward to the costs and mess associated with an painting their home exterior. While it can seem overwhelming, it’s important to stay on top of jobs like this to keep your home in good condition and avoid costly repairs. Quality work will make yourRead the full article

How to Hire the Best Painting Contractors Near Me

Finding the best painting contractors is an essential step to getting the finish of your dreams. However, finding the right painters can be hard, especially with so many options out there. In an area like the Eastside, it is even more important to make sure that the residential painters you hire are familiar with theRead the full article

12 May 2022

Why Hiring Local Painters will get you the Best Finish

Taking on the project of painting your home is a big task whether you’re painting the inside or the outside. It is also an inevitable part of owning a home. One way to reduce this stress is by hiring the best local painters available in your area. With so many options available on the Eastside,Read the full article