28 July 2022

Assisted Living Painting Services

CertaPro Painters® of East Orlando offers Assisted Living Painting Services. Retirement homes and assisted living facilities are more than homes, they’re made to be safe and comfortable places for seniors to live in dignity and peace. When you hire our team of painting professionals we will work to minimize disruption of the daily activities ofRead the full article

16 June 2022

CertaPro Painters® of East Orlando Embraces the Power of Pro

Any painter can paint, but only at CertaPro Painters® of East Orlando do we go above and beyond the ordinary in everything we do. Our team of local painting professionals in Ovideo delivers outstanding results and experiences in every service we offer. How do we do this? The Power of Pro. The Power of ProRead the full article

23 March 2022

Valentine Park

The recreation facilities painting experts at CertaPro Painters® of East Orlando were contacted to provide painting services to Valentine Park in Orange City, FL. Check out the before and after below, then click the link to read more about how we got the job done!  Valentine Park Case Study       CertaPro Painters® ofRead the full article

22 November 2021

Society Westshore

The commercial painting experts at CertaPro Painters® of East Orlando were contacted to provide exterior painting services to the Society Westshore apartment building in Tampa, FL. Check out the before and after below, then click the link to read more about how we got the job done!  Society Westshore Case Study       SocietyRead the full article

01 September 2021

Protect Your Property Against Mold With Paint

Owning a house is just a first step, but you still have to commit to keeping it well maintained so you can protect your investment. There are lots of bad things that could damage your property’s structure from within, some of them are pretty visible, but some are very sneaky. When it comes to threatsRead the full article

27 August 2021

Do colors in your house affect your mood?

Colors in your home are way more important than you might think. Besides the obvious visual experience, we must also acknowledge the psychological effect that each color may provoke on us. Experts have discovered that colors can totally affect our mood and emotions directly. Of course, colors have been used as a classic form ofRead the full article

25 August 2021

Paint Can Improve Your Homes Worth

In a highly competitive market, with lots of properties around ready to be flipped, you just can’t do enough to keep your property’s value as high as possible. It might seem pretty obvious, but keeping your property painted properly can assure you a better appraisal, and definitely, a greater appeal to possible buyers who areRead the full article

22 July 2021

Color Trends You Need to Watch Out for in 2021

The quarantine period surely made us appreciate our homes in ways we never had before. As a result, areas of the house that previously went unnoticed, are now catching our eye. For example, the flaky cabinet whose paint is now inconsistent. Or the bathroom floor that is seriously fading. The good thing is, if you’reRead the full article

25 May 2021

Residential Painting in Orlando: 4 Things You Need to Know

Doing residential painting is pretty much the same thing wherever you are. It is practically the same work and processes over again. But, you do not know that there are always subtle differences, especially with the quality of services offered. This alone leaves you hanging. Still, do not worry! Here is an article that tellsRead the full article

14 May 2021

4 Ways Residential Painting Helps in Selling Your Oviedo Property Faster

As a homeowner, you continuously dream of improving your home and other properties. There are always two options: upgrade your home for your satisfaction or renovate and sell it later on. Yet, regardless of your choice, redoing your house’s residential painting remains a top option, especially if you live in a bustling city such asRead the full article