How to Add Color to Your Home the Right Way

Adding color to your home brings life and personality to it. It can take a dull room and turn it into something beautiful. However, it can be tricky when figuring out how to add it the right way. This is why people end up just avoiding it altogether. Here are some very simple tips and tricks from CertaPro Painters® of East San Diego/Poway you can follow to ensure you are staying stylish while adding color to your home with interior painting.

color room

When in doubt, go with a blue and white color scheme
This classic color scheme will never go out of style. It is also a go-to because it can be made more elegant or more casual.

Do different shades of the same color
There are multiple ways to do this whether it be through ombre or sectioning. This is a great way to get the coziness from the dark shade and the openness from the lighter shade.

Pick a color palette and repeat it throughout the home
Pick shades that go well together then use them smartly. Take into consideration which rooms are next to each other, which rooms you can see from other rooms, hallway placement, and openness of the house. These factors will all have an influence on which palette you should paint each room. For example, if you can see your living room from your kitchen you will want to make sure the colors flow nicely.

Use white
White is classic and modernizes the home. Painting old furniture white can have a drastic effect on the overall look of the room.

Pick patterns
If you are going with a lot of patterns in the room it’s best to keep the color neutral and vice versa. Otherwise, there will be too much stimulation in the room, and it will be overwhelming to look at.

Use color as an accent
If you want to incorporate color into your home but don’t want to do it in large amounts, use it in the accents instead. Add pops of color in your pillows, throws, rugs, etc. If you end up not liking it, you can always switch them out.

Add quick color
If you have last-minute plans and feel your home is in need of a little color go buy bright colored fresh flowers, it can make all the difference.

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