01 May 2022

6 Things to Keep In Mind When Painting Your Child’s Room

Painting your kids’ rooms can be both exciting and challenging to create a space that both you and your kiddos enjoy. Whether you’re preparing your first nursery for your new bundle of joy or designing a playroom for your rambunctious toddler, or updating your teenager’s personal space, it can be challenging to find a designRead the full article

01 April 2022

Let CertaPro Stain Your Deck

It’s time to head out to your deck! Much like a kitchen during the holidays, your deck is a favorite spot for enjoying company and entertaining during the Spring & Summer.   But before you start the grill or put up the umbrella, you will need to do an overall inspection of your deck. NowRead the full article

CertaPro Painters Know Stucco Homes

Everyone loves a painted stucco home. They are extremely popular in hot, dry climates but you will find stucco homes in just about every state in America. A home built with stucco can last for decades with the proper maintenance. But if there isn’t paint on the stucco, it will not last as long. StuccoRead the full article

29 September 2021

Sherwin Williams VS Benjamin Moore

As Californians, we have quite a few choices for just about anything. The same is true with the various brands of house paint when deciding which brand to use to paint the exterior or interior of your home. The two biggest brands on the market are Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. Both of these brandsRead the full article

21 September 2020

Paint It Pink

Like to make a donation?Click Here CertaPro Painters® has once again partnered with Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to Paint It Pink. The goal is to raise $50k total during October and November to generate awareness and help fund breast cancer research. Participating franchisees will be donating $10 from every painting project completed between OctoberRead the full article

28 April 2020

How Long Does Exterior Paint Last

Dealing with exterior paint jobs is rarely something a homeowner looks forward to. Beyond the mess, there is generally a hefty cost associated with the job. Many people in San Diego want to know how longan exterior paint lasts. It’s a complicated question, but let’s break it down according to the experts at CertaPro PaintersRead the full article

20 March 2020

Caring for Wood Siding

Wooden siding is a beautiful way to protect your home from the elements. It is an investment that requires regular care and maintenance to stay beautiful. Keep it looking great for years to come with these tips on caring for wood siding from our exterior painting experts. To avoid what could be very costly repairs,Read the full article

23 February 2020

How to Add Color to Your Home the Right Way

Adding color to your home brings life and personality to it. It can take a dull room and turn it into something beautiful. However, it can be tricky when figuring out how to add it the right way. This is why people end up just avoiding it altogether. Here are some very simple tips andRead the full article

08 January 2020

Painting Exterior Stone and Stucco Homes

CertaPro Painters of East San Diego/Poway can help brighten your home’s exterior stucco or stone. A well-applied coat of paint to homes with stone or stucco exteriors can help brighten your home’s exterior as well help protect your home from the elements. Five Reasons Why Stucco Paintings is a Good Idea Stucco and stone areRead the full article

13 November 2019

What makes CertaPro Painters different from other local painters

Why CertaPro Painters of East San Diego? Choosing a painter for your home, whether interior or exterior, can seem like an overwhelming task. There are so many considerations you should make before signing off on a job. We’re here to help you make an informed decision you can be confident in. Here’s what makes CertaProRead the full article