03 October 2022

A Primer in Ceiling Painting

When people think about residential painting, they’ll think about the interior walls, the exterior walls, and some detail work. They often miss out on one place that can easily transform a room: the ceiling! There are plenty of benefits to ceiling painting. Not only does it take the look of your East San Diego home toRead the full article

Cabinet Refinishing: Getting the Best Results for Your Kitchen

An updated kitchen atmosphere can help your house feel more like a home. After all, the kitchen is one of the most-visited areas of the home! There are a few things to know before you start the process of painting your kitchen cabinets, though. In this article, our local East San Diego painting professionals will walkRead the full article

01 September 2022

Should You Paint Your Office Blue? What the Science Says

Home office painting is a trending topic lately due to the majority of American workers who have opted to continue working from home even when they were permitted to return to the office. Home interior designers & painters are constantly bombarded with questions about which colors enhance productivity and will help create the most beneficialRead the full article

30 August 2022

Finding the Right Commercial Painters

When you need a commercial painter for your business the selection process is a bit different than the one you might apply to select a residential painter. Whether you have a retail, hospitality, medical, professional, or industrial building to be painted you are going to want to know what to ask to find the rightRead the full article

01 August 2022

Steps to Complete Your Bathroom Painting Project

You are finally going to attempt the bathroom painting project you have been putting off since before the Pandemic began. So, where do you begin? With a plan, of course. Just because they are usually the smallest room within your home does not mean bathrooms are also the easiest to paint. Many people make thisRead the full article

01 July 2022

Choosing Painters for your Hotel or Motel Project

Whether you own a small bed & breakfast inn or a large resort, it’s important to keep your facility looking its best at all times. Guests expect clean, well-maintained rooms and public areas, and if they see signs of wear and tear, they may leave negative feedback online, which could result in lost revenue andRead the full article

31 May 2022

The Best and Worst Colors for Bedroom Painting in East San Diego

The study of color and its impact on human well-being is one that will never go away. This fascination has grown in recent seasons, but nowhere more so than in the bedroom, where it can affect not only our mood but also our sleep patterns. If you’re looking for ways to sleep better, your bedroomRead the full article

01 May 2022

6 Things to Keep In Mind When Painting Your Child’s Room

Painting your kids’ rooms can be both exciting and challenging to create a space that both you and your kiddos enjoy. Whether you’re preparing your first nursery for your new bundle of joy or designing a playroom for your rambunctious toddler, or updating your teenager’s personal space, it can be challenging to find a designRead the full article

01 April 2022

Let CertaPro Stain Your Deck

It’s time to head out to your deck! Much like a kitchen during the holidays, your deck is a favorite spot for enjoying company and entertaining during the Spring & Summer.   But before you start the grill or put up the umbrella, you will need to do an overall inspection of your deck. NowRead the full article

CertaPro Painters Know Stucco Homes

Everyone loves a painted stucco home. They are extremely popular in hot, dry climates but you will find stucco homes in just about every state in America. A home built with stucco can last for decades with the proper maintenance. But if there isn’t paint on the stucco, it will not last as long. StuccoRead the full article