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Posted on April 1, 2022

It’s time to head out to your deck! Much like a kitchen during the holidays, your deck is a favorite spot for enjoying company and entertaining during the Spring & Summer.


But before you start the grill or put up the umbrella, you will need to do an overall inspection of your deck.
Now is the time to make sure you do not have structural damage, cracks, or peeling that can bring your outdoor deck enjoyment to a dead stop.


Do you see your deck stain or paint peeling? You may wonder what caused it and how to prevent it from happening in the future.

CertaPro knows why your deck stain keeps peeling and what you can do about it.

Below are some reasons why your deck is experiencing problems:

Initial Improper Application

When it comes to painting and staining, the initial application is critical to how long the material will stick to the surface. It’s crucial to learn how to stain a deck properly or hire someone with experience.


If it is applied incorrectly, even the best, most expensive deck stain will loosen and peel away over time. There are many, many ways to stain your deck improperly.


If you are inexperienced with staining, hiring an expert may be the most cost-effective option for you. If you try to go it alone, you may spend an exorbitant amount of money fixing your mistakes and/or reapplying the stain over and over.

Too Much Stain and Trapped Moisture

Stain needs to be applied in several light coats. Many people think when it comes to paint or stain, that more is better. It is not. Wood can only absorb so much stain/paint. If too much stain is applied, the excess will pool & linger above the surface of the wood. And too much paint just causes a mess.


Applying too much stain at one time will eventually stop excess moisture from rain and dew from leaving the wood by evaporation. If this moisture can’t evaporate, it will remain on the surface and begin eating away the stain. This causes the stain to peel.


CertaPro painters are experts and adhere to the less is more school of thought. They know to take their time and follow best practices.

Stain or Paint Does Not Adhere to the Wood Surface

Even if you use the proper amount of stain/paint when you apply, it may still begin to peel away due to the initial stain not adhering to the wood properly during the application.


This occurs in a few different ways.


First, if your deck is not completely dry and clean, the stain won’t completely adhere to the surface. Instead, parts of it will stick to the loose debris and moist areas, which will eventually loosen the stain, causing peeling.


Or, if you’re re-staining or re-painting, failing to remove the original stain/paint and not sanding the surface will also prevent the new coat from adhering to your deck.

Lack of Maintenance and a Good Sealer

Fluctuations in temperature, inclement climates, and other unavoidable weather will do damage to any deck over time. It is very important to address your deck issues promptly. Leaving peeling, cracking, etc. will only cause more damage and therefore, may cost you more when you do decide to fix the problems.


It is also a matter of liability. Eventually, an unmaintained deck will collapse.


A good sealer is also a must if you want your deck to hold its good looks throughout the year.

A Few Suggestions

If you choose the DIY route make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions on any stain or paint you use. Also, you can take some preventative action to protect your deck from harm and maximize the lifespan of your deck stain. A great suggestion is to go to the stain or paint manufacturer’s website, they usually have information on how to properly use their product and maintain it. They usually have instructions and suggestions for best practices too.


Remember, if you don’t put in the effort to maintain your deck, its stain will peel away much quicker.


The easiest and most effective way to prevent your deck stain from peeling is to go over your deck with a proper sealant. Deck sealers essentially waterproof your deck, keeping moisture from contacting the surface directly.


If you don’t bother to seal your deck, you’re leaving it vulnerable to rain, snow, sleet, dew, and other forms of moisture. Then guess what happens? You got it. Peeling.

Hire a Professional to Stain Your Deck

There’s a lot to learn about the ins and outs of deck maintenance and stain application. If you want to ensure that your deck will look great for the upcoming Spring and Summer, hire CertaPro Painters. We offer deck staining and sealing services.


We specialize in small carpentry projects, garage floor refinishing (not at all locations), and commercial & residential interior and exterior painting.


Our team knows how to make your deck look as good as new and last much longer so that you don’t have to worry about spending additional money and completing the job over and over again.


To learn more about us and our services, call CertaPro of East San Diego & Poway at 858-859-4155 or schedule a free estimate online today!
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