Painting Exterior Stone and Stucco Homes

CertaPro Painters of East San Diego/Poway can help brighten your home’s exterior stucco or stone.

A well-applied coat of paint to homes with stone or stucco exteriors can help brighten your home’s exterior as well help protect your home from the elements.

Five Reasons Why Stucco Paintings is a Good Idea

Stucco and stone are long-lasting coatings used often on homes in the Arlington, TX area. It provides an attractive look and effectively protects your house against the elements. Stucco and stone are mostly low maintenance but can fade over time, but fret not! It’s paintable with a good result. Here are 5 reasons why painting stucco and stone is a good idea.

Seals Out Moisture

You might see that after it rains, your stucco or stone absorbs some of the water and becomes darker until it dries. When you apply a new coating of paint, this will seal the moisture out. This will allow you to waterproof your exterior and keep dampness at bay. Paint makes your home weather-resistant and provides an extra layer of protection between your family and outside. Keeping water out will keep your stucco and stone beautiful for years to come.

Covers Stains

A variety of stains can appear on your stucco home or stone home over the years. Rust is particularly prevalent from window frames where nail heads could be oxidizing and running stains down the stucco. Some homeowners find their sprinklers leave orange-colored stains on the house as well. All of these stains can easily be covered with a coating of primer and new paint.

Fills Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks can turn into a much more expensive repair if they are not addressed. When left alone, chunks of stucco or stone can crack and fall off turning a small problem into a large one. Painting your stucco home or stone home will fill in these small cracks and make your home look pristine again.

Larger cracks could need to be repaired. Professional painters will be able to use exterior caulk or masonry to patch the issue areas. It’s important to take care of problems when you find them. Before a paint job is a perfect time to make repairs since the paint will match perfectly once the job is complete.

Better Curb Appeal

tan stone and stucco exterior painting in Arlington, TX
Tan stone and stucco painting services in East San Diego and Poway, CA

Whether you are getting ready to paint your house or just looking to refresh it, painting the exterior can make a massive improvement. The right color will impress visitors, potential buyers, and neighbors with a crisp and clean-looking home.

Resists UV Rays

During the summer months here in Texas, the UV rays can wear away at the durability of your paint. The paint is the first line of defense between your family and the outside weather and pests. This can lead to cracks and holes in the masonry. If left unattended, it can ultimately lead to structural damage. Painting your stone or stucco with regularity will protect your home from UV rays and precipitation.

How Often Does Stucco Need Painting?

Both stucco and stone are very durable but do require maintenance and painting periodically. When high-quality paint is properly applied, it can last over 20 years. Inspect your exterior at least every year. If you notice cracks, peeling or blistering, it’s important to address them. After repairs, likely you’ll need to paint. This will protect your home from further damage.

Choose Experienced Stucco or Stone Home Painters

Stone and stucco painting in Arlington TX
Stone and stucco painting services in East San Diego and Poway, CA

Painting stucco or stone has a range of benefits, but you’ll only realize them if you work with experienced stucco and stone painters. Our team at CertaPro Painters of East San Diego and Poway is here and ready to assist you with your stone or stucco exterior home painting project. Set up a free, in-home estimate with our team today!