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Steps to Complete Your Bathroom Painting Project

Posted on August 1, 2022

You are finally going to attempt the bathroom painting project you have been putting off since before the Pandemic began. So, where do you begin? With a plan, of course.

Just because they are usually the smallest room within your home does not mean bathrooms are also the easiest to paint. Many people make this mistake. But if you start with a plan & CertaPro Painters of East San Diego, we will help you get organized and execute it without a hitch.

Tips to Help with Your Bathroom Painting Project Plan:

Go have a look around your bathroom. Check for damage to the walls, the trim, the caulking, etc. It is important to fix all the damage prior to painting. Painting over imperfections just makes a mess for the next time you (or whomever) have to paint it.

If you are struggling with mold and mildew, you may want to install an exhaust fan prior to completing your bathroom painting project, to improve ventilation and dampness in your bathroom.

Now clean it. Remove everything from the space and give it a thorough cleaning with a TSP or similar product. Trisodium Phosphate is an inorganic chemical compound (Na₃PO₄), TSP is a white granular or crystalline substance that can be mixed with water to create an alkaline solution. Once diluted, TSP is a highly effective cleanser, degreaser, and stain remover.

However, make sure not to clean the tile grout with TSP. Unless you want to remove it.

Use this general formula for cleaning with TSP:

Dissolve half a cup of TSP in two gallons of warm water, resulting in a slightly cloudy, odorless solution. To combat mold and mildew, a stronger batch of one cup of TSP to three quarts of warm water, plus a quart of chlorine bleach, may be used. The solution can be funneled into a spray bottle or applied from the mixing bucket with a stiff scrub brush or sponge. Apply in broad strokes with some elbow grease. Rinse thoroughly with plain water to banish any TSP residue.

After you have finished cleaning your bathroom, keep the door open and (if possible) place an out-of-order sign on it. Let the room totally dry out for at least 48 hours. It is important to get your bathroom as dry as possible prior to painting.
Prime Your Bathroom

For a majority of all painting jobs, priming is the first and most important step. The Pros at CertaPro Painters of East San Diego recommend cleaning and lightly sanding walls to de-gloss the surface before priming.

A good bathroom primer will:

Seal porous surfaces from moisture

Provide a uniform undercoat for the paint to stick to

Block stains from bleeding through

Cover dark colors

Now, Finally, the Painting Can Begin
Now, you will begin to paint your bathroom. It’s about time, right? Those are a lot of steps to take before you even get to put paint on the walls, so…..

Here is a much better idea…
You can call CertaPro Painters and they will come out or meet you at the store for a free estimate and color consultation. You can plan the entire project right there. And you can rest assured your bathroom will be beautifully updated in no time.

At CertaPro, we love helping people create the rooms they envision. We can create an indoor spa for you or upgrade your child’s Super Hero-themed bathroom.

It’s totally up to your imagination when you work with CertaPro!

Are you ready to start your bathroom painting project today? Call CertaPro Painters of East San Diego at 858-859-4155 or go online to schedule an appointment today!

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