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Ready for a Refresh

The residents of this home wanted a refreshing and brighter look to their interior, and wanted to switch to a color scheme that better matched the appliances. The interior walls were a light shade of yellow before we began work, and the windows, door and trim were a dull white color. The cabinetry featured an old, natural wood-grain look, which made the kitchen feel a little cramped.

The project involved painting the walls in both the kitchen and dining area, in addition to the top and bottom cabinets. Before painting occurred, we had to do the necessary prep work: repair all nail pops, everyday damage and stress cracks in the ceiling. Then we spot primed these areas. We painted one coat on the ceiling after it was primed. The walls used two coats of the new off-white color to make sure it soaked in and covered the previous yellow color. We scuff sanded, wiped down and caulked any open areas in the doors and trim.


before kitchen renovation

Cabinetry Work

We then prepped for the cabinets: the hardware was removed and we scuff sanded and wiped down with a deglosser to remove the previous finish and caulked any major gaps. There is a specific process when painting cabinets. You must make sure to degloss the previous finish on the areas, especially when they still have the factory color/finish.

Once that process is completed they must be primed, painted (multiple coats, if necessary), and then the finishing sheen can be applied. An oil base primer was then used. Two coats of paint were applied and then a sheen. The top cabinets were painted white and the bottom cabinets were painted a gray color. Once completed and dry, the hardware was installed.


kitchen after renovation kitchen after renovation

Another Transformation Complete

The residents were very satisfied with the results of this project – the kitchen now has a brighter, more modern feel to it, and the lower cabinets now have a shade that helps to disguise the presence of the appliances. Do you have an interior painting job or a cabinetry project that you’ve been waiting to complete? Contact us to get your free, no-obligation estimate on your next project. Check out our FAQ page to answer any questions you might have before getting your estimate.

kitchen renovation before and after