The Difference Between Deck Painting & Staining Services

With the summer season getting ready to go full swing, it’s time to give some much needed attention to your deck and other outdoor entertainment spaces. Luckily, CertaPro Painters®️ of Charlotte-Matthews have the skill and expertise you need to stain and paint multiple outdoor surfaces. Below we are letting you know the difference between staining and painting to make your summer project planning go as smoothly as possible.

Staining Services Look More Natural

One of the reasons that many homeowners prefer deck staining is because this service allows the natural grain of your wood to peek through. There are a wide variety of shades and colors of wood stain available on today’s market, so your options are not limited either. While a stain can not fully cover imperfections on your deck, it will still add an extra layer of protection to its surface and help your deck last longer through the outdoor elements.

Stain can be Less of an Initial Investment

When you decide to have your deck stained instead of painted, it will often be more affordable. On average, most brands of staining products will cost less than a can of paint. It is important to note that staining products will not need a primer or any additional coating to adhere to your outdoor wood surfaces. This also contributes to the lower cost.

Paint Colors are Limitless

One of the primary bonuses of having your deck professionally painted is that you have tons of color options to choose from. Our experienced painting contractors only trust paint from reputable brands like Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore. If you need help choosing the right paint color for your deck or other outdoor surface, our team can provide you with a free color consultation service.

Deck Painting can Last Longer

In regards to maintenance and aging, paint is the clear winner of your two options for deck coverage. Paint can be cleaned easily on your own and if you need a repainting service, the process isn’t very extensive. Most outdoor paint is durable and can last for years. However, our painters in Charlotte can also provide you with an excellent warranty on your deck painting service should you need a few touch ups.

If your deck could use a fresh stain or coat of paint, reach out to CertaPro Painters®️ of Charlotte-Matthews today. Fill out our online form to request a free estimate on your next exterior painting project.